Why I Decided to Study Law

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Hi everyone,
So for those who don't know, I'm a law student at the University. And would be bagging my law degree in a bit. More about that maybe some other day. For now, let's cut to the chase:

As we all know, one of the most common questions students are being asked is: why did you decide to do this course? I've been asked this question too many times and I've come to find that the reply I usually give is very profound so I've come to share it here today.

Why did I decide to study law? Simple! Because I love justice. I'm obsessed with justice and becoming a lawyer would put me in a position where I can help make sure it is carried out.

I have taken stock and evaluated my life and that was how I came to the finding and conclusion that I'm really obsessed with justice. A couple of acts I do would go a long way to show you how thus committed I am to justice, for example: I'm a bachelor living alone and anytime I cook, eat my meal, leave the rest in the pot and go and try to do something else I become restless and can't focus at all. My entire mind and body keeps pressuring me to get back to the pot and finish the food I left. That is because my entire being knows that food was meant to be eaten, that is the right thing to do to food, the just thing. It is justice. So why wait? Why delay?

There is a Latin maxim in the legal world in line with this feeling of mine, it says: 'iustitia negavit moratus est iustiti' which means Justice delayed is justice denied. So you see? It is engrained in me, even my subconscious obeys the principles of justice and that is why it pushes me to do this justice to my food as swiftly as I can. Sometimes when I have food like this in my kitchen I try to sleep leaving it behind but I can't. My sleep become haunted with dreams of the food calling to me. Ultimately I have to wake up in the middle of the night and finish this food before I can have my sleep.

The same goes for when I stock my fridge with new fruit juices or readily consumable stuff like that. I'm never able to rest until I have finished it. The result turns out to be that I never have food or drinks in my house for long. I know. Sorry, visitors.

Another way this my love for justice manifests is when I buy things on the way that I'm meant to eat when I get home. The stuff never makes it home. I keep taking little pinches of it as I walk home and before I get home it is no where to be found again. It's the same justice stuff I was talking about, my body doesn't want to delay the service of justice to this purchased food/snack.

But then, this particular act of finishing food before I got home was not really serving me, it was ruining some of my little meal plans, also friends were telling me that they're always seeing me dipping my hand into my bag and eating as I walked on the road and that it was not really cool.

So I decided to stop. I decided not to eat stuffs I kept aside for eating at home as I walked by the road. I decided I would make sure I keep it till I reached home. But to my surprise the result was still the same. I would buy stuff, say that I wouldn't eat it till I get home, but when I get home I won't find it again in my bag! I'll have no clue where it went. This was really serious and painful! I wondered how this could be, so at last I decided to meet some officials and check the security cameras on the road to see what really happens to my food when I walk by. They agreed and showed me their most recent footages. I watched from the day I had made the decision not to eat as I walked by and to my greatest surprise, there was I in the security footage eating my food as I walked by, like I'd always done.

Ah! It turns out even I didn't know the extent to which I am committed to justice. Even when I decided not to do swift justice to my food and delay it till I get home, my subconscious did it for me consistently without me even knowing.


I am delighted to see your passion and energy about justice and the judicial system.
I hope you will maintain the same in future and help people to get justice.
There is a lot of injustice around us and we need people like you to help them.
!LUV 1

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I'm not sure why there is seriousness in your tone, but thanks so much 😀

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Yay! 🤗
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You must be putting on the pounds.. Doesn't your stomach tell you when to stop eating?
I bet you would take food from a baby ... lol


Hahahaha. Surprisingly I'm not putting on the pounds. Then I think my stomach has lost it's ability to talk 😂
Then again, don't let babies with foods around me, I myself might not know I've taken their food till we confirm from a security camera.

Justice delayed is Justice denied....

I laughed my head off when I saw that line. Good one bro... You should consider stand up comedy for real.

Hahahaha 😂
Thanks a lot, bro. I might do stand-up one day, I don't know, I have a hundred other plans like most young people.

You must get really good results at uni, what with all that practicing law in your day to day life...

My husband steals olives from the kitchen, and I quickly mete out my own justice by slapping him with a tea towel. Justice is swift and painful here.

Hahahaha 😂😂
You wasted all that talent not studying law, I thank my stars I didn't make that same error.