Thunkgaria New Content - Swamp Crypt

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Its Friday gamers!!
You know what that means????

New Thunkgaria content. Today we see the appearance of the latest dungeon : Swamp Crypt.

Screen Shot 2022-04-08 at 10.27.20 AM.png

This dungeon introduces the concept of more floors. Previously dungeons were limited to only Floors 1 - 5.
Now we are opening up Floors 6 - 10.

What is in these floors?? A higher drop rate of higher rarity items. Higher level weapons. Lower drop rate of common rarity.

New monsters and a new room type.

Hive Login
Even as we are releasing new content we are working behind the scenes on the code. The 1st big thing on our list is automating the buying of relics with Hive/HBD (currently you have to manually send to @thunkgaria with a memo of your Thunkgaria account name).
we are working on a new Login/Authentication screen that will allow for Hive Logins.

It is at least 4 weeks out. Our internal date is around the 25th of May, but may change do to dev time/resources.

Once again thanks for playing.


Hey, this is awesome. I had tried to play #thunkgaria awhile back but never quite got the hang of it.... like I couldn't find the entrance. I may have to peak at it again and see if I can't get in and have some fun. !LUV

the entrance to the website?
the link at should work.

Looking forward to you joining us.
We have an event planned for the last week of the month and you will see more content / posts as we build towards it.

If you have any gameplay questions you can ask in the discord or you can check out my channel (simplegame2) I have a how to play guide.

Plus ciderjunkie and a few others stream it on Vimm so you can ask questions when they are streaming.

I will also be more active on Vimm live streaming soon for any questions.


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 100 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!