New Gaming Tribes on Steem Engine


This is a brief review of the Gaming Tribes on Steem-Engine

Hello Gamers
Do you play video games?
Do you like to write about games?

You will want to check out the new gaming related communities on Steem-Engine.
Splintertalk is a site used specifically for discussing all things Steem-Monsters / Splinterlands.
I have read the articles on this feed and if you are passionate and knowledgeable about those games you will enjoy the feed, but if you don’t play those games, you may find the feed hard to understand do to game player slang.
Battle Games is becoming very popular new site which you find at, which was created to provide a place to post about gaming. BattleGames recently added a video blogging site where you can your video gaming content and get post rewards. I found this one to be fun and the stories easier to understand as the feed is about many games, so no game specific slang. Many of the authors are very organized.
Good Gaming Token a community for blogging about video games and gaming like card games and dice games.
This is the newest gaming tribe, which is similar to the others in content, but it has a delegation program to where you earn 25 Good Game Tokens, or one steem a day by delegating 1000 SP. I think this is a good option for those wanting to move from bidbots to another form of passive income. The bot promises to only upvote good quality content.

You can post about gaming in either or and use both tags for double points due to similar content. But Splinterlands is only for steem monsters, so steem monster content gets a triple dip.

It’s complicated, but very exciting to see a lot of new projects and new people joining Steem.

This is my first review of these sites and I plan to do more in depth reviews of each one. I have found some of the sites have a good return on your investment, so you should consider them as an additional stream of income about something fun!


There are alot of opportunities for gamers to earn rewards by doing what they love doing which is playing games for fun

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If you cant do detail project all of them, I suggest you to write just about one by one project for more focus and detail review.

Please improve your review next time for better curation value.

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