What about a brutal HIVE savings game? "100days"

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Hello folks, today I will be mostly talking about an idea for a hardcore HIVE saving game. Every week, I will release a post with a project idea. Some will be ridiculous and others will be jawbreaking and revolutionary but each will be different. Feel free to takes ideas and inspiration from everything I ever release in those posts. They are written to get people thinking about different ways HIVE can be used.


This weeks idea is called "100 days"

There is no new token required, just a spreadsheet and a few minutes each day to track stuff. In theory, it could be done with any token, im gonna just use HIVE as an example So, what is the "100 days" game?.

In it's simplest form, it's a hardcore HIVE saving money that runs in cycles of, yep.....100 days. The aim of the game is the save some HIVE every day for 100 days without any excuse. Those that forget and miss a day lose all their savings. Savage? yes, just a bit but it'll teach people to get into the routine of saving a little bit with the goal being people learning to take that experience and use it to save a little from each paycheck they receive in the real world.

I personally started saving a small amount from each paycheck every week 7 years ago, now I spend all my pay and my savings compound on themselves. It's not rocket science but many people lack the discipline of building saving into their routine. I have only been able to do this by sticking to my routine of taking savings out on the day i get paid. If you leave yourself a little short for the week because money is tight, you'll learn to adjust your spending and the fruits of your pain will be rewarded 10 fold when it comes time to retire 10 years earlier than most of your friends and family. With that said, lets look at how the 100 days saving game would work.

How 100 days would work

  • Starting day 1
  • Players would need to send 1 HIVE per day to a holding account. eg, @100days-holdings
  • They would be required to make a transaction each day for 100 days to win
  • If someone fails to make a payment within the 24-hour window they will have 1 doggie life to use within each 100days game. This doggie life will cost 5 HIVE and is 1 time only.
  • If the doggie life is not used, the player is out
  • If the doggie life is used and the player misses another day, the player is out

All HIVE collected from losing players is split among the players that complete the 100days game.

Player 1
- Saves every day for the first 30 days and misses 2 days - Total lost 30 HIVE

Player 2 - Saves every day for 100 days to complete the game but used doggie life on day 65 - Total saved 104 HIVE

Player 3 - Saves every day for 50 days, uses doggie life on day 51, plays until day 80 and misses another day. Total lost 84 HIVE

Player 4 - Save every day for 100 days and completes the game - Total saved 100 HIVE

Player 1 = down 30 HIVE
Player 2 = up 73 HIVE after taking out 104 saved
Player 3 = down 84 HIVE
Player 4 = up 77 HIVE after taking out 100 save

So, we can see consistent savers are rewarded while those that forget are punished. Of course, this is a very basic model and any amount of things could be added are removed from it. You could offer more than 1 doggie life, you could make it so that everyone gets a payout on day100, just make the payout weighted on many how of the 100 days each player played. There's are 1000 ways the chop up any idea and rethink it to be better. I think a HIVE savings game would work really well, maybe this is one not so much but it's interesting to look into new ideas if they can spawn into better ones.

What do you think?

Would you play this?
too risky? to easy to lose your money?
What would you change to make it better?


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