(closed) Win free Hive Contest 09/11/2020 w/Early payout round 2

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We will have at least 1-6 rounds played everyday with early payout. Games can close anytime So get in early and get ready to win!

I might not have a pot of gold for ya - How about some Hive instead?

The rules are simple!!!
Upvote this post with any percent
Comment below

and you win!

The Highest 3 votes on this post automatically win without a comment!

How much Hive will i win? Hive generated from this post will be distributed equally to the winners. (The more you upvote the higher the hive pot grows))

What do i do now???

Get Excited because you are that much closer to seeing some Hive sent to your Wallet!

How will i know if i am a winner?? I will post in the comments below when the contest closes who won. (you will win some Hive if you upvoted this post and commented. Ask around i do not lie)

If i am a winner how long till i get my Hive bro?

The post usually take 7 days to get the rewards back. (Not today when the contest is closed and winners announced i will estimate the rewards right away and send out your winnings)

I appreciate everyone that stopped by and played this grueling game!

Get Ready to play Beautiful People!!!

Get That Hive out and Upvote big!

and dont forget!!!

No Hive!!

Love Ya and Hive on my friends!!


Shout out to all the wonderful people i have met by doing these games here!

Relax, Follow, Upvote, Rehive and Win!