Thunkgaria: Mission "Santa Down"

in #games3 months ago (edited)

Hi everyone,

The winter event on Thunkgaria has started!


Santa's Tower have been discovered, but it is heavily defended with strong Snowmen, Christmas Elves, Swarm of Elves, goblins organized in Hunting Teams, and even Christmas Ent trees. On top of the tower, Santa itself. Santa is a thought guy! Full resist to fire and ice, an impressive physical Resistance, a strong armor, and a deadly weapon:


The only way further is to bring one guy with 100% resistance for fire or ice, with a decent physical attack, and hope that it will survive the fights before Santa:


I had so much fun today hunting Santa, but now it is time to work on my position in the Arena!

See you soon!


I just logged into PeakD to talk about this but you arrived first haha!
Awesome roster btw! I was unable to pass through floor 5 tho... I'm enjoying the event a lot as well, as a low level player the event is full of great loot to improve my team (and hopefully in Arena)

Special Mention to the Santa artwork, I love it! It reminds me a lot to Sergio Aragones "Groo" art from the comics!