The Undefeated | Baakjira Taking All Hits

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We actually just ended a brawl battle today and there is this particular battle I will love to share today, brawl on our end have been tough somehow since we don't really have some strong players to take up some important fray positions so we just have to fill up the slot which we can fill and there is no way an account can take two fray so we have to keep moving at a spot till we see more players who are interested in playing in tier 3 brawl battle. I had to focus on modern battle for some days now, i had to build it up from 0 rating (bronze) and I'm really hoping to touch champion league through the modern mode since it is really hard doing that on wild because I really don't enough monster cards to do so and I could only touch diamond 3 every season. Fight in modern league seems a lot easier too, especially with this recent summoner that now allow gladiators in normal battles, I have really use this in boosting up my rating as they are really amazing in lower leagues battle.

In one of my brawl battles, which I had with Reagept, it was really a surprising battle since none of my monster cards got destroyed thanks to some certain cards I decided to use especially baakjira which I use as my frontline and it really took in all the hits. The battle was 34 mana based with the keep your distance rule that doesnt allow any melee attackers, taking side which prevent any neutral monster cards and lastly ferocity which give all monster card the fury ability, and we could only pick between life and water element. I had to choose water even though I don't have magic water summoner, I decide to go with what I have while thinking of what to select

Screenshot 2023-03-10 at 18.10.13.png

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Since it is a no melee battle, I thought baakjira will be good as a frontline since it get void amour ability among others so it can easily suppress the attack plus it can also heal each round which make this non attacking monster card way good in battles, then I backed it up with Djinn Oshannus which is also good and also have high chance to miss magic attack, then captain Ghost to make use of the oppress and affliction ability, then merdalli guardian, medusa and angelic mandarin

I wasn't surprised when I saw his selection even though he decided to use grandmaster but the monster card he selected wasn't strong enough against what I pick and it really put him at some disadvantages and that didn't really help the gladiator card he used and I was able to defeat him flawlessly without any of my cards getting destroyed. It was an awesome match.