SplinterLands - Opening my first Beta Pack!

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Beta Packs

For a few weeks now, the announcement of the reduced number of packs with beta cards that are for sale has run. This series has been running most of the time since Steem Monsters officially came out.

I received a Starter Pack in December which contained a good number of Betas cards to start the game. Since then, I have not acquired packs but cards directly in the Market. Advertising might have had an effect on me, so I decided to try my luck buying a Beta Pack :3

I bought a Beta Pack with DEC that I had accumulated. Once you do, you must enter the "Open" menu and drag the beta pack to this invocation circle. The animation is fun as you can see in the gif I share.

My result was great! I got two summoner cards I needed. With the warrior of light I can finally use a higher level of light cards than one. In addition, it is gold and its current minimum price is $17 wohoo!

Adding a fire summoner card for its next level was not bad at all. The only thing I do not use much is Rexie, but it is worth having won here. Maybe if I do enough DEC I'll try again some luck with another Pack, if they don't just run out first XD.

screenshot from my game
Gif Maker & Snapseed

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