Is This Gaming Joke Racist? Super Smash Bros. Community [MMG]

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Have you ever been scrolling a seeming friendly gaming account and thought -- Is this joke racist? In the Smash Bros. community, a community of: arts, fgc, casual, informational, and comedic accounts, there is @TheAfroSmash a comedic account that specializes in cringe humor and dank memes, which can often lead to replies from tweeters that, in the words of Rich Homie Quan, made them feel "some type of way".
The Tweet was a joke that read "Black friend main Banjo, call that my nig GUH-HUH".

The joke was in reference to the recent release of Banjo-Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
As I mentioned earlier, it's a comedic account, but the humor is often in the "dank" or "cringe" category. Another substitute is often "edgy" memes/jokes.

Why Cover This Topic?

I think that it's important not to gloss over things like this, as the internet morphs, as the gaming and social media shift, as cultures collide... It's important to acknowledge comments like this for the better of comedy and culture.

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