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RE: Watch Fortnite(PS4) streaming live now on twitch!

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Well that didn't go very smoothly. I had hoped to do some single player stuff to start just to learn the build mechanics but unfortunately you have to pay for the singleplayer portion of the game. Of course this being my first time on Fortnite I had a bunch of bugs stopping me from starting to play and had to restart the game a number of times. After messing around in the creative tab trying to see if I could learn to build I gave up and just went to the main Battle Royale mode and barely did any building whatsoever since I was busy scavenging for loot and getting shot at. Thanks to some good players I had a number of top 3 finishes and 2 second place finishes! The shooting feels a lot better than it does in APEX but that building shit is annoying as fuck. Everyone I shoot at instantly builds a wall as a shield and i get owned since I have yet to learn how to build.