Finished Subnautica for XBOX One with 16 of 17 Achievemnts in one run

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Subnautica - XBOX One

I just finished playing Subnautica on the XBOX One and it's not the 1st time i beat the game. I played it first on the PC 2 years ago and beat it. Not sure about achievements on STEAM but hey i beat the game. Since the game comes with the XBOX Pass I thought to myself since i beat the game before and know most about it i may be able to get all the xbox achievements in one run. Since they are all a secret until you unlock then you mainly have to guess what they are. I started playing sometime mid last week and played the crap out of it over the weekend. I ended up just needing to do the final few tasks in one last game session which was today.

Now i was streaming the gameplay about 1/4 into the game on vimm and i have platinum status so i am able to save my VODS at least so i can rewatch some portions to help me remember things I needed to know of the world. i knew of all the tricks to the game. I thought of all possible things to do before i finish and never bothered to check on my overall status cause it would of bothered me if I knew in advance i still had XXX amount of achievements to go. When i got to the end i had a feeling i had at least two more to go since they were the obvious ones. I finish the game and look at the achievement list. I missed one! "What the hell! how i miss one achievement" is what i said on stream and had to look it up. Somehow it was the simplest task i never thought would be a thing. I had the item but never did anything further with it. Now that i know i can easily get the achievement and just go into the save before the end of the game it won't be a flawless game though! Either way I am impressed I did them all but one without knowing what they were in advance.

Have any of you done the same thing for a game? Be interested to hear your story.