The next Crypto games I'm looking into.

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I want to share some of the upcoming Crypto games that I'm slowly investing into currently.
These games I think have potential but I'm not counting on them becoming super huge like splinterlands.
Before I start I want to say that most of these games are on Wax Blockchain. I would love to get into new Hive games, but there are just none popping up. If you know of any let me know ? (I know about Ocean Planet, but they kind of ruined the game as of now.)

This is purely my opinions and thoughts about these projects. What I say about them is purely my understanding and beliefs of these projects.

Let's start

1. Draco Dice

Draco Dice has over 3,300 Unique Dice designs with various rarities going from Common all the way to Celestial.
Draco Dice Discord

Draco Dice is looking to become "The dice of the Internet"
They are currently working on a game of their own called "Draco Dice: Skirmish", but they don't want to keep the dice all to themselves and they want to spread their dice over multiple blockchains into other games that could use the dice feature.

I think it's really cool that they want to make an asset that doesn't purely focus on their own game and want to provide assets for other games to use aswell.
Dice are very universal tools for gaming, so If they could make this work it could be absolutely huge.

My investment:
Bought 369 Dice + holding 2 Land Presale tokens

Wax Blockchain

2. Muterra

Muterra is a mixture of RPG and CARD games with Incredible artworks and a really great lore.

Muterra Discord

Muterra is a game about how Earth's inner radiation started mutating all living beings on the planet and almost all the humans went extinct because of that. Now the humans that survived are tasked with keeping the humankind alive.

What I gathered from the whitepaper about the gameplay, it makes me feel like the game will give pokemon vibes. The game has cards going from Common to Mythical and they also have Gold Foil cards just like Splinterlands.
I have a great feeling about this game, because it sounds like something I would really enjoy playing even if it wasn't on a blockchain.

My Investment:
I can't show any value yet, but I bought about 100$-150$ worth of [Maldives Packs] and opened them. I got 3 legendaries out of them.
Btw Legendaries are not the highest tier in this game, but 2nd highest.
Currently cheapest version of this card on the market is 170$

Hive Blockchain/Wax Blockchain
I think currently they are only on Hive

3. Blockchain RPG

Blockchain RPG is a Free-to-play RPG game


Blockchain RPG Discord

This game is in very early stage of it's development. Currently there is one hunting spot called "Swamplands" where you can hunt every 5 minutes for loot (Tokens and NFT's), but you also lose health depending on which monsters you get faced against, so be careful. Not very far away is the 2nd hunting spot called "The Forest" where players will face stronger enemies that they cannot manage without gear.

This is is pretty straightforward at this stage. You wait, You Hunt, You heal and repeat. But this game has seen insane growth without advertising in just the first few weeks of being out in Beta version. I've talked in their discord quite a bit with the developers of the game and I believe they could turn the game into a really interesting journey.

My investment:
and about 200$ worth of gear staked. (Staking just allows you to use your gear, they can be instantly unstaked)

Wax Blockchain

Bonus: Splinterlands

For those who have been living under a rock. Splinterlands is a Card Battling game where your summoners summon your monster cards to battle other players.


Splinterlands Discord

Well. This is not a new game I'm looking into obviously, but I put this in here because I plan to keep adding stake into that game. Currently hoping to snatch as many Chaos legion packs as my wallet can provide.

I'm not sure if anyone is interested in this, but I want to share my Splinterlands numbers here quickly.
I've been playing (or well . . . Collecting) Splinterlands from the very first day and so far this is what my collection looks like


With 100k$ and 1,1 Million airdrop points I'm earning daily at current prices

  1. 73$ from SPS Airdrop
  2. 15$ from Staking SPS
  3. 10$ From renting out cards (I rent out half of my collection out on the very last day of a season where I make extra 130$)
  4. 7$-15$ From ranked battles
  5. Average 10 Reward chests a day (Splintercards says that on average each Reward chest is worth 0.6$) so 6$
    Total: 115$ a day
    That's 3450$ a month
    and 41,975$ a year

That's just what I earn normally, Right now add on the price of vouchers (In Presale 1 I got 100 vouchers which is 2000$)

I started off Blogging on hive and investing what I made from posting into Splinterlands. So I just want to say that it's possible for anyone to make it!

Hive Blockchain

Thank you all for reading!




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Interesting set of games you have listed.

I might look into Blockchain RPG.

Nice games you have listed. Will look into some of them.

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Wow man you are such a whale compared to me! I hope one day reach at a similar point like you are!
Take care and a Happy 2022!

Thank you very much :)

And always remember to never stop believing in yourself.


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