Fallout 2 Nostalgia Trip Through Its Great Soundtrack

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Hello, dear HIVE users! Today I decided to write a few lines on one of my all time favourite role-playing video games, more specifically the cult classic Fallout 2 which was released way back in 1998.

This classic was developed by Black Isle Studios and released by Interplay Productions in October, 1998 as the successor to the critically-acclaimed Fallout 1 (published one year earlier), a cornerstone and rather popular product among the gaming enthusiasts of that era in the role-playing genre.

Without wanting to devoid the game of its main storyline and thereby provide spoilers to those who have not yet experienced this beautiful relic of role-playing, I will just limit myself by saying that the plot revolves around a post-apocalyptic USA which was tremendously shattered coast to coast by a tragic nuclear fallout (hence the name of the game).

The mission of the protagonist (a nuclear vault dweller - a civil descendant whose family had been living in an underground protected shelter during and after the bombs obliterated most of the life on Earth in the wake of the war between China and USA) is to save the world from a faction of the US government (located on a remote oil rig in the Pacific Ocean) who is still active and wants to send a virus to the mainland (before reclaiming and resettling it) in order to decimate the mutants and the human survivors who have been genetically altered by the radiations produced by the nukes.

For the nostalgics out there who happen to be also blogging here on HIVE, I have decided to throw a musical flashback through the following Youtube videos which will unmistakably steer strong emotions and return a lot of teenage memories. Enjoy and have a great audition!

And a very intriguing bonus for the guitar players out there, here's an exquisite rendition of 'My Chrysalis Highwayman' by a cool lad. Check it out!


Pretty cool musical walk through over a great game which marked our growth and passions.