Ganja in my brain, blood and body, Ganja Ganja Ganja

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Ganja in my brain, blood, and body but still no side effects after smoking for 15yrs.
yet another proof that our society or government is still uneducated and scared to admit that they have less knowledge about some of the things they make illegal or they just manipulating the public or they don't want to accept the facts.
It's been more than 15yrs I have been smoking ganja, I have used it and many times abused it, regularly iam smoking ganja daily 8 t0 10 joints a day and after smoking for 10yrs plus in regular basics and one day decide to stop it and I did it for a year,
I did not find any side effects or withdrawal effects nor I went psychotic if I was using any other substance, like alcohol, drugs, sugar, food by now I might fucked up health so much I might have not been to handle the side effects and even my health also got fucked totally I might have spent most of my time in the medical center or using prescribed drugs which are legal. after been a ganja smoker for so many years I am still healthy and fit with no fucking side effects and I did not smoke today 15/8/2021 and I don't have any effects except anger on the stupidity of our societies and law, feels like in our universe species on earth are the funniest, hypocrites, uneducated, dumb, greedy species which is lying and controlling the public just to prove they made a law and everyone should shut and follow them, what the funniest society in the universe we can be. this one law against ganja proves few humans are still at the lowest level in evolution.

The benefits of Ganja are so many I guess many drug company's drugs will be like .1% capabilities of what ganja can do or few drug brands will have shut down if ganja becomes legal, I am not saying it in scientific ways there are already a whole lot of studies which proves Ganja fucking Ganja Ganja as a lot of benefits to human and their societies but still it illegal in most of the countries, why only because lack of education about a variety of subjects among the people who are handling things or they don't want people should have that kind of benefits from one plant which is equivalent to 100s of human-made drugs. and I am sure every leader of the country is will be scared or uneducated to even speak about Ganja, why because they have criminalized and spoke shit about ganja so many years if the leader says ganja is good few uneducated public will get angry and criticize the one who supports are try to make ganja legal, and after speaking and criminalizing ganja for so many years if they say Ganja is good they will look like fools so they are scared or ashamed to support the holiest, medicinal, a god plant which will help humans in many ways, ok agreed for kids if it's illegal it kind of makes sense, wtf with adults should not use Ganja, what sense does it make iam the fucking live example it has no side effects or withdrawal effects and I know many who are still in a good position, healthy and wealthy after smoking Ganja for so many years then why the fuck it should be illegal or spoken shit about or treated like its a poison plant which harms humans, why so much hypocrisy and stupidity in human socities. any adult who says Ganja is bad for humans you have a long way to go in human evolution or they have the very lowest level of gains by making it worse. I pity humanity for been such uneducated about things that benefit them. Grow up government stop being so scared to admit you're wrong and make it legal for adults at least and stop making fool of yourselves by making good things illegal for some tiny benefits. if can't make it legal just agree you are all still uneducated about a lot of things on earth and good only to follow rules not good for making sensible rules about Ganja. so whichever countries on earth are acting like you are fighting against the badest drug and saving humanity, you all are big jokes in the future.