Tennessee Garage Rock! The Kenetics - Put your loving on me

in #garagerocklast year (edited)

The cool track has everything I look for in a Garage Rock song! Really good tempo to dance to, with steady drumming and bass. Organ chords to fill out the audio spectrum. A good sized simple guitar break. Nice clear enthusiastic singing from the lead and backing vocals.

Check it out, as it starts off with a guitar melody line, then drums and organ and join until finally we get the one line chorus.

Baby baby put your lovin' on me!

It's way overused but it's catchy enough so that I don't mind much.

That guitar break goes from 1:15 to 1:40 so its a relatively long 25 seconds. Then back to the verse - chorus pattern, ending with a nice little outtro. Here it is!

I don't know anything about this band but the description and comments say they were from Madison, Tennessee or maybe Martin, Tennessee. I would bet almost anything that this is from 1966 as it sounds like the prototypical Garage Rock tune. This article says the record was pressed in 1967 but I still bet it was written and maybe recorded in 66!

The flip side of the 45 is Jo Ann, which is about the same tempo but more in the style of Doo Wop pop ballad that you might have heard in 1963. It is really good too. Here it is!