Working On The Allotment.

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Hiya guys.

Today has been an interesting day, I found something old, well it's got rust on it so it's as old as it has taken to rust over, but none of the less I found something that I found interesting, can you guess what it is?

Today my plan was to put a path from the shed to the allotment gate, but as I started I realized I would probably need an extra 60 to 100 slabs to do what I wanted so I changed my mind.

I then decided to add some slabs outside the gate for a seating area, and that is what I did.

I started out by marking the area with a string line, this changed as the job went on as I changed the size of where the slabs were going.


I then dug out the required soil so I could get a level for the slabs to sit in, and added sand so the slabs had something to sit on.


It was supposed to be only 2 slabs wide and 14 slabs long, but instead, I went for 4x5 slabs so it would be a good ideal seating area.

I got to the last part and I hit something hard with my spade, this is when I found this rusty thing.



What do you think it is? I'm thinking of the top of a hammer with the shape of it. anyway, I have kept it and when I get a bit of time on a rainy day I'm going to see what it is under the rust.

I finished the slabbing and gave it a sweep to make it look a little tidy, I added a slope to the slabs so that rain will run off.

all in all, it has been a great day, and one more step closer to getting to grow, there is still loads to do but slowly it is coming on.


Deffo a hammer 😍

good guess :D :D

🔨🔨🔨 Cabinetmaker's hammer

I'll find out, just waiting for a day when I haven't got anything else to do and I'll strip it down and take a look. I found it interesting as from what I have been told my allotment has been used for rearing rabbits, so it could quite well be something that someone used to build the cages with. :D