Morning Musings In My Bee Hotels

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Since it's been sunny for most of these days, I just jump off the bed, go on my daily morning routines, open the greenhouse and muse on my bee hotels. Despite the buzzing they sometimes even do in front of my lobes, they help me quiet my morning thoughts. Watching them go about their task, does just that ...

I took this vlog to share you some of the things that I found out after sitting in front of those several times a day. ' course I prepared a few questions for you to answer below. To view vlog key in morning musings on the password box and click on that blued video box.

Please answer just one question. The first one who gets it right gets a 1% up. Kindly answer just one, thank you.

1. What do the bees in my bee hotels do first thing in the morning?

2. Where do they fly to right after getting out of their rooms made of bamboo holes?

3. What happened on the first day we placed a screen to protect our bee hotels from beaked creatures?

4. How many bees are sleeping over?

5. What did the bees do during the rainy days?

6. What is the real color of these bee's bellies when they've just gotten out of their rooms?

Cute discoveries during those morning musings ...


Some of them don't fly straight to the bee hotel. They stop over on some of the apple leaves on the apple trees in front of the bee hotels or on this conifer tree. Thats when I found out, they were using those scissors look alike mouth to carry not just the larva but also the clay they use to seal those bamboo's holes.

I wonder whether it's cause they got a bit tired so they're recharging this way because I also noticed that they also always pick a sunny spot. One of which the warm sunlight could just peer and hit their wings.


Did you know that they carry larva on those scissors look alike mouths and pollen on what looks like hair on their belly?

They'd go in those hotel rooms, deposit the larva then get out with their butts first, turn around and go back in this time, backwards, butt first and probably shakes those pollen off their hairy belly for the larva to stock on. They'd fly away and get back with the clay to seal the first larva.


They'd fly back and forth doing that and once they're done providing a sealed door of clay for the first larva they'd fly back in for the second one and do things all over again. Yes, they're that diligent! They'd do the same task all sunny day long and still go on even it's past 20:00 these days since the sun's still up till 21:00.




They'd risk their lives sticking their butts out, making themselves an easy prey for the birds to ensure the next generation gets to live and breakthrough those clay the year after.

Last year, a certain bird poked those holes open and emptied the bee hotels so this year, we've decided to put a screen to make those beaked creatures stay away of them. Though the bees had a hard time adjusting to this change, they've filled almost every hole there is in them.


I guess this means, time to buy more of those bee hotels or my morning musings are over. I can't let that happen, specially that I've got plenty of flowering plants that need pollinating, not to mention that there's no sight of honey bees these days around here.


How about you? Got any bee hotel in your garden? No? Why don't you go and get one? Better yet ... make one :)!

This content's 100% mine . I took the pics and videos with my D Eye and smartphones.. Right click on the pic to open it on a new tab.

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Hiya mon ami.......

Lovely post, photographs and video about one of our favourites....the Bee. ^__^

Bees are just fascinating to watch.......appreciate you bringing this bit of amazingness to Steemit. So busy.

Will have a look around for this type structure.

One of the many bees are sleeping over? perhaps 7 or three had already left and there was a count of 4....and then 5?

All the best to you and yours. A binetot. xox

thank you mon ami

8 is close mon ami
but that means you really have watched it
thanks a lot!

Really very beautiful video!
It's a great idea to have wire mesh to protect them.
Here we have bee-eaters, they are multicolored birds that eat wasps, bees ...
Answer to n.5: when it's raining bees stay safe,
because they fear cold and water that prevents them from flying properly.

thank you

it helps, I got a couple of great tits
they beg me to let them eat them lol
they would hop around me around 4pm while am tinkering in my garden
and I'd follow them with my cam but they'd sit on the apple branches in front of those bee hotels
so I guess I thought it was the magpie last year
perhaps it was actually a smaller bird

you're right about #5

Runnig a hotel is a very smart decision, dear @englishtchrivy.

Running two hotels is capitalism. But anyway, I call the reception to ask for a room to stay. Do you take Hymenoptera only or are frogs welcome as well? What about your badges? How much stars? Do ya have a spa–aerea? Is the bar open by night? Thank you in advance for you information. Oh no, no creditcard. I prefer to pay by votes.

Oh. A question appeared like a flash in your great hotel movie (you did it by purpose to shorten the time of displaying the words.) Ha, you are the most tricky reception I ever saw! But anyway:
Yes, we call it mandibles. They grow in a lot of shapes in the empire of insects, depending on how this family is using the tool. The most popular shape is looking like a claw.


so I guess I'd be richer now
cause I bought me two more


would you rate it for me? I had to provide more because they were using the space between the bamboo and I worry that the spiders might find a way through the larva plus its really full house on those two no holes left anymore


as for frogs and toads, of course they are welcome! your whole clan is here btw, I made them a mini pool I hid from the birds but as you can see it's empty


this reply feels like a post ^ ^ hahaha

thank you for answering that question and most of all for viewing the video
I remember last year you told me you were afraid I'd be stung on the video I posted back then
I hope your heart didn't drop this time
they're really really cute these ones :)

thank you and I hope you have a great weekend!

To rate your hotels right, the guest have to pay for their rooms first, dear @englishtchrivy. You must not let them escape without paying the bill. Thank you for this very private posting. It's a ptivillege to get answers like whole postings. Hope your friends will not be jealous of me.
I don't understand the last pic, but since last year I know you are very experienced in handling guest with stings. I'm not afraid anymore, but full of respect.

that's the problem I can't charge them :D
but you know, they've helped me relax and get to zen mode so I actually owe them that :D

no, they won't get jealous
the last pic is a frog bath
it's a shallow lunch box I filled with water
I also put a bit of soil to make the water murky and help the frogs hide from the birds in my garden
some days there are three or four tiny frogs in there
some days like the morning I posted that - nothing
I guess they were by your place having lunch? ^ ^
ribbit !

Hi @englishtchrivy, thanks for your entertaining video, it was nice to see these bees so close and I am really surprised to see that they like your hotel. I would like to answer your Q4, I believe they are 9 bees sleeping over in your hotel. I hope I am right.

With the help of those little hard working guys your flowers should not have problem with pollination.

Cheers, @Stef1

thank you
yes you got it right
I did say 8 but I mentioned later that there's actually two heads sticking out at the bottom

I love your pics of the bees at work, I can almost see them wiggling all around. I haven't seen many bees yet this year and am worried about my veggie pollinatio. I have been considering getting a bee hotel to help out but have no idea where to start. Any suggestions?

It's a very interesting thing to do.
Bees are really useful insects.

  1. Bee has Gold yellow color on their belly.

I have no garden cos aint no space in the house, I someday get a bee house

hi ya, are you sure you're trying to answer question #1?

You don't need to have a garden to have a bee hotel. You can also just have it on a veranda on a wall, just make sure to stick and make it's back facing south. As for the pollen, they'd fly till 5km to find any flower source so it's really a misconception that you need a garden to have one ;)

Stop at the apple tree? I didn't have the password, so I couldn't watch.

Nature itself has a very calming effect on people, or this person anyway. There is something so simple and comforting about watching the rituals and habits.

I hope they get used to the fence and don't move. Yikes.

Have a great evening!


hi :)

I did right it that they stop at some leaves of the apple trees but that's after flying far away to get those clay to seal the larva in .. not after they've just waken up - all of the answers to the questions are on the video :)

sorry I put password on this one cause the last upload I had was ripped off by someone despite that I put my name on it

yes, they do .. I normally can't meditate but they help me do just that :)

it's still afternoon where I am so I wish you to have a great evening :)
and thanks a lot for the tip! ^ ^


:) My pleasure. Sorry about being ripped off. Things have been getting out of hand lately with spam and hacking. Boo!!!

it's alright
it still helps with publicity cause it has my name on it
but this time I also want to keep it exclusive here
so I put a PW on it :)

edit : password is = morning musings

gotta go for now :)

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the butterfly-mum is a now a bee hotelier :D

What do the bees in my bee hotels do first thing in the morning?

Feel if it is warm enough or not outside ?

I've always been :)

did you watch the video?
it's not complete, please specify how they do that ? they have no hands right?

yes. watched it twice. i think they fly about the bee hotel?

not that either
try again, your first answer is half right ... just specify how they do that
I zoomed that part ;)

i have to go out. will do it when i come back 🤔😁

sure :)

ok i am back. Sooo, they stick their heads out, feel the air with their antennae? or something else on their heads?
cause they come out heads first.

:) A bee hotel, really interesting. Anyway, i have no garden so no chance to accomodate bees :))

you don't need to have a garden to have a bee hotel

read this

Okay. I will go through it

Hahaha this looks like a national geographic setting in real life!

But....did you do this on purpose or are these bees taking over your place?

Last year we had a bee shelter here at my parents place, but it was not really the intention. So we tried getting a beespecialist to lure the queen out to relocate her, hopefully the rest following..

it didnt really work like that :(

thank you

on purpose, in fact, I want to buy a hive
and keep honey bees in my garden, too

I love them
btw, these are solitary bees
not honey bees, the honey bees have a hive :)

Cool idea then to keep them in. It seems almost perfect as if they are at home.

So solitary bees do not make their own hives then? They take a space that they find?

i'm not a bee expert but in my observation they'd take that yes

I don't have a bee hotel, but my garden is such a mess they seem to like it and find plenty of places to put their offspring.

the sand bees won't need any bee hotel :)
as long as there's a hole

both of these got really full house now
so they're filling the gaps, too
I was surprised to see clay on the narrow sides of the holes
and they're sleeping in the gap between those holes, too

I really have to go buy some more now hahaha

I have also seen a bit of tree trunk with many holes drilled into it as a bee hotel. Quick and easy to make yourself, but it won't last as long outside. Still, could be useful as emergency lodgings 8-).


Wow What a great cultivation and a strong guts needed for this..

they're harmless :D

I think they are dangerous but you should be aware also because the sting can make you feel very sick and can become fever... :D

no they're not
if you've watched the video then you would know
I was too close on those bee hotels
and one was even noisily hovering in front of my earlobes and the other on my nose

bee stings only cause such over the top effects you are talking about when you're allergic to them and if they are those killer bees from Asia - then yeah

It is wonderful if I am there and you think I have a strong guts brother

am not a man
am a woman

I mean sister and I also know you are a woman .. sorry wrong type hehe

Wow you are always wonderful with your posts so good to see that awesome pictures :D

I am not ready to get my head swollen because of the bee attack

they don't have any sting
you're more dangerous than they are

Ha ha
I also do not have a sting?
So why am I more dangerous than them?

it's amazing, I've never seen it

Good job awesome

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