Benefits of the Herb Garden

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Many of us have gardening on the mind - whether you are growing food for the first time, or are seasoned gardeners appreciating all the work that has gone into one's yard over the years. I suppose I fall somewhere in between and have been tending to small gardens for years, last year my partner and I took our garden to the next level. We are fortunate to be living on what was once a farm that was abandoned for many years. But you really dont need acres of land to garden and for many people vegetable farming is too time demanding anyway. For such people growing herbs is ideal.

sage, rosemary and oregano

In my opinion the best use of small gardening spaces is to grow leafy greens and herbs. Even if you just have a balcony growing a few pots of herbs will transform your cooking and quite possibly your health too. There are many herbs that are very easy to grow and once established will grow for years to come.

herb spiral
((herbs can be grown very efficiently & beautifully in a spiral design – this is a typical garden in permaculture and ideal for growing herbs with different requirements))

And if you aren’t already planning an herb section in your garden, here are just a few reasons to grow herbal plants:

Most herbs are drought tolerant and don’t need very fertile soil to grow. Some examples are : lavender, rosemary and oregano.

– Many herbs can be used in natural fertilizers like horsetail, burdock, nettles, and comfrey.

burdock fertilizer
((me preparing ingredients for compost with all the burdock leaves I had to chop down at my landscaping gig))

-Adding home grown herbs to your cooking will transform each meal. Fresh Sage, Oregano and Rosemary so so delicious chopped off and added to baked potatoes or tomato sauce. I often add mint, borage flowers and clovers to my fresh salads and it turns out beautifully.

herbal salad

– And most importantly, herbs can improve you life in a myriad of ways when used as medicine .Of course you will need to do you own research on any herb before using. I have many posts I want to write on herbalism, so expect much more to come. Next post will be able the common yet potent herb Oregano!


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Hello @libra.gardener! I welcome you to Hive!

Your herb garden is beautiful and this post was very encouraging especially for someone like me who is trying to venture in gardening.

Have you heard of the Garden Journal? I think you would enjoy participating in this ;)

Thanks for sharing your lovely work and I really enjoyed the photos ~

Thank you so much for your comment!! I will definately check out Garde Journal now! And good luck with your new gardening adventures, I really think herbs are a great starting point, they are overall easy to grow and low maintaince. The key is to find herbs you love and already use in your cooking.

Thrilled to have you here! You'd fit perfectly in our community. I do love my herbs and have planted many this year, some less usual ones like ashwagandwa and mullein and tulsi too. Nice find, @crosheille!

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Thanks @riverflows! I'm so glad I ran into this post. Looking forward to seeing more of her content :D

Wow, it is amazing that your grow ashwaganda and Tulsi- those herbs are definately on my to-grow list. Mullein grows wild in the fields and transplanted a few into the garden and made tinctures of the leaves for lung support. Thanks so much for the warm welcome <3

You have such lovely photos! I love well done photos, they really make the post. :)) The info presented was also very good!

Aw! Thanks so much, I take the pictures with my cellphone in the afternoon for the best light. Luckily herbs are beautiful so it is easy to get some good shots :)

Herb spirals were the first thing I learned about when I journeyed into the world of Permaculture. Herbs are amazing for flavor and medicinal purposes too.
Your herbs look amazing, great post. 😊

Yay for herb spirals! They are a great use of space and very attractive in the landscape as well. I am lucky that there are a ton of rocks on this property but you could also use bricks or even cob. Thanks for reading my post & commenting, I really appreciate it!!

Looks like paradise there. I'd love to have some land to work like that, and it looks like you have a suitable climate for growing lots of things. Can't wait to see the oregano. Welcome to Hive and Natural Medicine by the way.

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Thanks so much! We are really lucky to be here - but it actually isn't our land, we are living here and taking care of this place, kind of a work-trade scenario. Maybe you could try looking for some similar agreement near where you live, it seems like that there are many vacant or abandoned farms all over the world, hopefully you can find a gardening spot soon! best of luck and thanks again!