Knotilus Daily Pond ~ Eagles Swoop, Raspberry Muffins and Hands in the Soil in March!

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Ho there scallywags!

The above photo of the ducks turned out beautiful! It looks quite serene and peaceful, however just a few minutes after I took it and headed back to the greenhouse terror ensued! Bald eagles have been doing their spring hunting in the pond, they’re hungry and they really want my ducks! By the time I ran back to the pond three were hiding under the dock, smart ducks! And the other three were just swimming along seemingly oblivious. I called them and they went into their house right away but it was a close one! One of the eagles with either an immature bald eagle or a golden eagle, it’s really hard to tell them apart, and the other was across the pond hunting seagulls and was a mature bald eagle. Thankfully no injury or deaths to report! But the ducks haven’t been back out since, the eagles are around pretty much every day now, swooping over their little house to see if they can get themselves a fat duck to eat. There’s netting over top of the duck enclosure to prevent exactly that, so my duckies are safe as long as they’re in their pen. The crows do a great job of chasing them off, they can’t stand having predators in their nesting grounds and aren’t afraid to fight even if the bird is three times their size.

Gotta love how ballsy the corvids can be!

I planted some kale IN the ground! Whoooot! Super excited by this, since it’s only March. And yes, the cold might murder it with vengeance, but I had to take the chance anyway! I had these domes here, so figured I’d give them a try. I’ll have to check today and see if they’re surviving ok.






I think these pegs are from old plumbing? I’m not sure, but I’ll use whatever I find around here!

My plants under the grow lights are getting super upset. I don’t have the indoor set up to care for them properly, it’s just too many plants and they’re all in there like this



It’s really true though, need double or even triple the amount of lighting in order to grow the amount of food I plan to grow, but I’m working on getting it into the greenhouse now. I figure I’ll sacrifice a few plants from each group and just see how they do out there at first. I have some heat mats and have an area in the greenhouse where I can set up a heated, insulated wire with sand for a nice big grow space, hopefully that will be sufficient so I can make room for the next group of young seedlings under the lights! I would love to be to the point where I eat what I grow and grow what I eat, and be at least mostly off the system.

UBI is coming, and with it a new social credit system. The best thing we can all do is be off the governments teat and be unencumbered by the changes, outside the grid, untouched by their control. Taking care of ourselves and each other by trading, farming, creating and thriving 💕

The last thing I want is to be standing in line with a barcode waiting to get food pellets for the week like a rat in a cage. I’m a free organic human, meant to frolic, and frolic I shall!

On that note, I’ll promote this cute handbag! My side hustle selling art and macrame has taking a bit of a back burner position lately with the spring gardening taking over the forefront of my free time.



I’m open to trades on items, but cash is still king for now, and I know I could sure use it considering the cost of gas and food these days! So there’s me self promoting! 😂

At least I’m selling things I love, that I feel are worth what I’m selling them for. Things I can feel proud to have created. I’ve done sales jobs where sometimes I was pushing crap on people who don’t need it and it just felt wrong the whole time. Like, “this product is cheap and not worth your money, but I have to sell it anyway” kind of thing. I realized then that anything I’m selling, I would have to be able to stand behind 100% and KNOW it’s worth every penny. And for this I feel it’s true. The cost of the cotton cord alone is high, let alone the hours put into making it. And my pieces won’t just fall apart either, I add in stitching where needed, to reinforce any weak points, so the bag should last forever!

Anyway.. I made more muffins the other day!


These were delicious! Gluten free as usual and raspberry again. No oats in this batch, only because I forgot to add them! 😂
They’re super low sugar, just some maple syrup and a bit of apricot jam mixed in for sweetness and added flavour. The raspberries are quite tart so it works out great.

They turned out delicious and after sharing some and eating some the remainder didn’t last very long!

Egg production from the ducks is quite high now, and I use three or four usually for this loose, very adaptable recipe.

Hope your day is awesome!!
Here’s some memes!!









Sending out much love to you all! 💕

Knotilus daily pond is a series of photos of the pond near my home, some bloggery about the homestead and the creations, it’s then finished off with some choice memes.

Some days here are breathtaking, others will be gray and dull, I’m happy to share the different looks of the pond all year long 🙂


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A beautiful piece. I'm glad that your ducks made it out okay! Hopefully with spring arriving they will increase their egg production. Also your muffins look absolutely divine! And the fact that there's sugar free or at least low in sugar is amazing. We just finished up our Maple season. And unfortunately a couple of 70° days caught me off guard and about 70 gallons of sap spoiled on me. 😒😁 I'm hoping that next year, I will be able to use the sugar from the maple trees to do all of my fruit canning for jellies jams and preserves. I wish you the best weekend, and we send all of our love and best vibrational energies to you and that wonderful piece of land! 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you so much! Sorry for your syrup loss! I’ve had my cats destroy so many seedlings so far this year! It’s hard seeing so much work go to waste! Hopefully next year will be better for us both! LoL