Why You Need A Copywriter for Your Business!!!

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✨ It's a brand new week! #HappyMonday!✨

So allow me to reintroduce myself and tell you how I can help YOUR business.

I'm a copywriter who writes marketing and advertising copy in your specific brand voice to help you sell your product or service.⠀

Why do you need a copywriter for your business?⠀

⭐️ Copywriting gives you the opportunity to tell your audience about how you can help them. A beautiful website has a great effect! But it doesn't give much information about why your audience should buy. Words help convince your audience why they need your service and how it will help them.⠀

⭐️ Copy helps you connect with your target customer. Through targeted copywriting, you can speak (or write) directly in your perfect customer's language. You can tell them about what makes your business unique and what makes you different from the competition. You can tell readers about yourself, provide testimonials from happy customers, and tell them how your business works!⠀

⭐️ Copywriters optimize their writing for search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps searchers find you on the web. A good copywriter will know which keywords your customers are Googling and what questions they're searching on the web. If you have these questions answered in your copy, you prove yourself as an expert.⠀

⭐️ Copywriting gets your audience to take action. A copywriter leads your reader to the decision to call, contact, or book. Whatever your call-to-action is, your copywriter will help your audience make the decisions without being salesy, spammy, or sleazy (ew).⠀

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