The Funeral - The Humans Impact on Nature

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This is literally the feelings of the creatures living in nature every time humans cut down their trees for mere consumption use.


Trees are one of the most important elements in our very survival on this planet, we can use them to reproduce other items and we should always restore what we destroy and add more as we emit more pollution through our industries.

Unfortunately, most of the trees removed have never been restored, and worse than that they were chopped down to be used for non-essential consumption products, like useless books, tabloid magazines, every non-informative item, just like cutting down trees to produce papers to write on them 'save the trees.'

If it's very necessary to cut down trees to build a city, for instance, make sure you plant double the number of the trees you cut down somewhere not far from that city, that's to replace the loss you cause and to cover the needs that will come from the urban life in the city. I don't know why this is not mandated in every urban development law around the planet!

We are all culprits in this, if you have a garden plant trees in it, if it's not for you, your children will appreciate it, if you don't have children, you yourself will appreciate it when you stand before your maker and you find it in your good deeds, at least this is what we Muslims believe in.

Image source: New Syria FB page.

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Hemp is the answer

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Save some trees, grow hemp to make paper.