My Top 5 Pet Peeves| 30 Days Blogging Challenge Day 6

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Having pet peeves is normal and doesn’t make us a bad person. What do we expect, we are living on earth with other human beings. Whether at work, public places, and even in our house, annoyance is always present in every day of our lives.

On my mind, I have a long list. But here are my five absolute worst pet peeves

1. People who don’t cover their nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing especially in a confined area.

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This what really gives me headache nowadays. It constantly irks me to the core. Same as with people who spits anywhere. My imagination goes wild, thinking about the particles floating in the air. We are currently facing a pandemic and we all refuse to be sick. Covering is the most crucial practice to stop the spread of virus.

2. People who leave their mess everywhere especially in the bathroom or kitchen.

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Maintaining and cleaning a place alone is exhausting. However, cleaning up others mess is more irksome. I don’t see the reason why some people have this quirk. This world would be a better place to live if everyone is aware of their responsibility, like picking up or cleaning their own dirt. It’s also blood- boiling to see people who are littering. They have no concern for the environment. In my opinion, these people epitomize laziness and poor hygiene.

3. People who kick the back of your seat.


It’s disrupting when your trying to relax and enjoy your surroundings, then the person sitting behind you keeps on kicking the back of your seat. Once or twice is understandable and ignorable that maybe it’s just a mistake. But when it exceeds the threshold, we might get into a fight, right?

4. People who are loud and obnoxiously behaving around strangers.


I just simply view them as attention seekers.

5. Being interrupted.


There are some who has a maddening habit of interrupting other people. They’re acting like their opinion is more important than others.

These vexations are not unique. Perhaps, some are extremely bothersome for you too, right? Let’s not allow our pet peeves get the best of us. We can either share and talk it out just like this so other people will know, or just walk away. As a response, we should be considerate, sensitive, bring our manners with us anywhere we go. Most of all, we should always remember that everyone has their little oddities. Nobody is perfect. We surely also have some bad habits that’s infuriating to other people. Nevertheless, we all deserve respect and kindness.

This blogging challenge is initiated by @tegoshei.


They're definitely annoying for me as well. xD Attention seekers are kind of weird for me, I often wonder why they're doing that... there must be an answer, somewhere in their past. hahaha

Yeah. It’s ok to be loud sometimes as long as there are no strangers around the corner hehe