I feel cheated! I swear a Mars bar was supposed to be bigger!

in #gems7 months ago

The first time in many years I have had a Mars bar. I just went to the local shop at my sisters request. I was like yes, what a good idea, let us have some Mars bars.


Not that much bigger than a Ledger Nano S

I come back and open the back and I was shocked. Honestly, I was angry. This shrinkflation trend is taking the piss now. Most food items are getting smaller in size and weight, yet the price hovers around the same point for a decade or so now.

I actually feel cheated and unsatisfied with my purchase.

Has this happened to you?



Hahaha this struggle is real man :D They have been secrectly cutting off gram by gram from my favorite treats for years! I remember Snickers, Mars, Bounty, Twix etc. being all around 60 grams and look where they are now... :D Crazy. Talk about some serious boiling frogs :D