My 4&1/2 yr old niece asked me to post this on Hive

in #gems8 months ago

Last night, like pretty much every evening, my 4 and half year old niece comes into my room to play duplo with me. As a child I used to play with Lego all the time and it is very creative.

So we made a horse stable for her horses, then a castle and then a lighthouse.

This morning she bursts into my room and says "you have to put a photo of this on Hive". She knows about me posting on Hive and has asked me a lot of questions about it. She isn't even 5 and she is interested.

Well she said I had to put these photos online to show everyone and hive and make a few tokens.

I was stoked to hear this from her and I am happy to oblige.



Stay safe everyone,

@intrepidsurfer and my niece

P.S. this content is solely found on Hive.