Fireflies (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day freewriters! I may be late, but I'm still sharing my freewrite entry for the prompt "fireflies". The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge has grown into a community, and was an initiative by @mariannewest. If you want to to join, just visit her profile, and @freewritehouse.

Looking around, we are surrounded by negativity.
Coronavirus has taken over our planet.
Millions are confined, gladly some has recovered.
Violence has happened, people are enraged.
Protesting, but resorted to violence as well.
In social media, people are fighting.
People are divided by preferences and opinions.
Everyone needs a breather.
Pause for a while, think, and meditate.
Everyone needs positivity during the times of disorder.
Listen to music that will make you relaxed.
So I played a relaxing song.
Closed my eyes, and I am on the field.
Fireflies flying above me.
The moon is shining brightly,
while the stars are twinkling beautifully.
Slept on a hammock under the tree.
In the morning, I was met with the beautiful sunrise.
Green fields, and beautiful flowers.
There are people, but you will notice love.
Helping each other, and there's peace.
Opened my eyes, I am back to the real world.
Be a better person amidst people fighting.
That's how you can contribute to peace.
Something that people and this world needs.

Perhaps, many people are tired of seeing ang hearing about the current state of the world. We can't almost breath because of the heightened animosity and hate that we see anywhere. But I am hopeful and believes someday, life will get better, and experience peace.

I created this freewrite through the website It is automatically set at 5 minutes, and just start typing. If you stopped until 3 seconds, everything will be deleted.