Nikola Tesla : The Story of a Genius

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Human mind is the most important part of a human body consuming 20% of the energy yet weighing 1/50th of the body. It help us to be creative and imaginative. When it comes to legendary minds we can’t leave Albert Einstein. He taught us about the Time , Space and Matter governing the universe. But when it comes to practical implementation, Nikola Tesla had the most brilliant mind. He could remember an entire book with great accuracy. One of the greatest thing is that he could imagine things, research on it and bring it to life.

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in a small village in Austrian Empire. In his early school days he could perform Integral calculus in its head without needing paper. He was born with a gift of photographic memory and could remember all the vivid details of the image with near 100% accuracy. At the age of 17 he choose the path of engineering instead of the path planned path by his father. At the age of 21, at university in Austria he had scored the highest grades possible and could speak 8 different languages. At the end of second year, he became interested in gambling and lost a lot of money and time and consequently he was unprepared for exams and had not graduated from the university.   

In 1870 he cut all the connections with his family and around 1880 he moved to America with a couple of cents in his pocket. He started working for Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison’s DC Motors and generators was very inefficient at that time so Tesla guaranteed him to redesign the same. He did it and his design is still used in present cars, motors, pumps, disk drives and more. But he didn’t received any money for its redesign.

The current revolution was just starting up and Tesla wanted to research on Alternate Current to transfer it from one place to other more reliably. He was backed by General Electric and started his work. There was a direct competition between Edison and Tesla. Edison knew that he was going to lose so he tried to warn the public by electrocuting animals around the street with AC current. Tesla responded to this by shooting electric current through his own body and won the battle of currents. After his invention he got really famous and loved by all. During this time, He designs AC motors, transformers , generators and power transformation technologies. 

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 Great Inventions of Nikola Tesla   

  1. Hydro-Electricity : Tesla designed the world’s first hydroelectric power plan at Niagara Falls. It had enough power to power up the entire city
  2. Radio : Nikola Tesla theorise the concepts of transformation of information through radio frequency waves. To prove this he designed a radio controlled boat using radio signals to transmit information.
  3. Earthquake Machine : Tesla created a machine that when placed in a building with the frequency of building’s walls, it could bring down the entire building. He understood the concept of frequency and found the Earth’s resonant frequency before 50years of the devies to catch up with his discoveries. 
  4. X-Rays : Nikola Tesla discovered the X-rays before Wilhelm was credited. He gave the consequences of using X-Rays that it could cause cancer to their body.

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Tesla was an Insomniac(2hrs of sleep in a day ). During his lifetime he had acquired more than 100 patents and over 700 inventions but he was always very poor. He died in 1943 while working alone in hotel New Yorker. He could be a billionaire in the world but he didn’t care about the money. The only thing he cared about is making others life better with is inventions. Tesla Tower was his only failed project where he spent most of his accumulated earnings.  

Last Photo of NIKOLA TESLA

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Niko still is the man.... when you start charging your phone while not plugging in your phone to the wall, you will thank Niko.
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