Announcing GiftGiver's Hive Faucet

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This went a lot faster than originally anticipated, and now our faucet is live. It's not exactly a faucet since its not 100% chance to win, instead its a 1/500 chance to get 1 HIVE. This might change in the future to be a higher chance with a lesser reward, but this seems to be a good balance for now. Each user can try it once a day.

Using the faucet is quite easy, all you have to do is put in your username, complete the captcha and hit submit. If you win, you will get the free Hive transferred to your wallet. If not, you can try again the next day and you might eventually win.

To visit the faucet, go to

Screen Shot 20200331 at 6.12.08 PM.png

We will soon be launching up our writing contest as well in order to help new users. The winner will receive a 500 HP delegation for 1 month. Stay tuned for that, which will be announced in just about a week. We will also have other contests with liquid rewards in order to help users of Hive grow.


If you have any further questions, you can join us on our discord or check out the FAQ on our website.

Written by @rishi556.


Awesome. Just tried but no luck. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. Would be great if you won a little bit at least. Better than nothing. Just some feedback, use it don't use it!

I'm leaning towards changing it to that as well. Prizes will be very small but everyone wins.

Nice, 1/500 is low, but I will give it a try

Yes, we've been considering increasing the chances and reducing the reward(0.100 Hive with a 1/100 chance).

Cool. I just gave it a try.
Neat stuff.

Will give it a try now. But, it'd be better if it had more than one chance a day.

Will check it out thanks for sure could be cool.

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Good luck

Thanks for sharing

I just try it but I didn't win as expected 1/500 has very low probability. How about the transfer of token since at first it only asked for my username name then confirmation if I am a robot. I solved the captcha, then I am a robot... Do the integration of hivesigner or peaklock to withdraw my token if I am that lucky?

If you win, the token is transferred automatically, no need to do anything else. We already have your username since you had to provide it to play, and thats all we need in order to send the prize.

We will also be modifying the winning chance and prize to get a nice balance. 1/500 is low(check out our discord, we announce special days of higher chance of winnings there only), but the prize is 1 HIVE.

We might change it to a higher chance of winning while dropping the prize soon.

Wow that's great, I am playing everyday to try my luck. This is fun...

Great great idea. 😃

Thanks for the support for the community. "He who puts his money where his mouth is, won't need to put his mouth where his money goes." I think that is a Confucius quote. Or maybe some call girl I met in my travels. Either way, it's a huge help for the n00bs like myself. I gave a small donation to the delegation site to repay the support. Keep up the good work.