GiftGiver Update: Updates Taking Longer Than Planned, Sustainability Update

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Couple of changes have happened in my(@rishi556) life in the last month and the renewal update that I planned has taken way longer than I ever wanted to. Along with that, I wanted to let you guys in on the sustainability of GiftGiver for an insight into it.

Late Updates

I originally estimated renewals page to be open about 3 weeks ago, but as you can see with the 404 at, its till not a thing. I've got a few bugs to continue to fix(I'm not a UI guy at all, GG took me a lot longer than it would others for just the main page's UI when I was completely free) and those have slowed things down quite substantially. I also haven't found the time to work on that as its not the biggest of issues(manual renewals are possible, just head into our discord and ask in the proper channel). Leading off the no time, I wanted to explain a bit more on why. I've been taking on smaller projects for others for pay to help make a dent at the fees I gotta pay. That goes into our sustainability.


Yes, running GiftGiver does have costs associated with it. It's not entirely the best for generating income as we give out something for free, and continue to need to pay our bills.

  • Server : $3.35/month
  • Domain : $12/year

Those might not seem like much, but for a student, every dollar matters. My goal is to earn enough to cover those costs from Steem and the ad on our page. Its not happening right now and so investing more time onto this isn't the best option for me. I should be able to keep it going out of pocket, but my entire dream for GiftGiver will take longer than I initially thought to come to fruition.


If you have any further questions, you can join us on our discord or check out the FAQ on our website.

Low On Resource Credits?

If you are low on Resource Credits, you can visit to get a temporary delegation.

Written by @rishi556.


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