Selling Ad Space On Our Site

in #giftgiver3 years ago

Ad space is for sale on our site. The main page and faucet both have ads that support GiftGiver, and you can get your ad in the eyes of users while supporting a great project dedicated towards helping new users.

The ads are leaderboard size, 728px by 90px and can direct to the link of your choice. Monthly price will vary, but if you would like to advertise on our site, come discuss on our discord at: or give us an email at [email protected].

Pricing will be discussed there, as well as placement and if you want to be on a rotation, or be the only one.


If you have any further questions, you can join us on our discord or check out the FAQ on our website.

Be sure to check out our new Hive faucet at

Written by @rishi556.


Sweet are you self managing or using a serving platform like DFP? There are quite a few cryptocurrency networks and standard ad networks you can integrate to start competing for your banner space

Self managing. Not having to pay a middleman means cheaper prices for advertisers and we can make sure that the ads aren't harmful.

Ah I see, well wish you all the best. Its a promising tool and I'm sure you can expand it further the way cointiply has over the years