100 HIVE giveaway ($25) - Just leave a comment - Ended

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Just want to make someone happy. Leave a comment to enter.

1 winner to get 100 HIVE.

The winner will be announced after 7 days. So you can enter within 7 days.

(contact me if you want to increase the prize or number of winners)

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I'd love an extra 100 HIVE to help offset my moving costs and help get new furniture and pay rent! <3

Sure, why not, who doesn’t want free hive!

And what all things are free ?

Depending on your meaning of free, things to an do without rewards are:

  • be pleasent and polite
  • be punctual
  • be clean

All these things are free, requires no education or study.

But still requires a lot of dedication, mental imbalances and Peace

How does "Sure, why not, who doesn’t want free hive!" "aLl tHinGs ArE FreE"?

Trying my luck! They will be used to buy @solairitas tokens $sol which will be given away :D

I once hit a llama with a snowball, seemed like the appropriate time to share that.


Funny you talk about llamas! I actually did a video about a funny llama story the other day, no joke lol 🤣

If you are curious, it's here https://peakd.com/hive-183630/@pixiepost/msvcfqju

Best of luck to you! :)

Leaving a comet, sorry comment ;)

A pirate goes to the doctor to have the spots on his arm examined. The doctor says: “They’re benign.” The pirate replies: “no, no doc, there be 11. I counted them before I came here.”

just leaving a comment

And letting the things happen...

Are you thinking about ways of increasing engagement?

Fantástic initiative, well sr, here we go one of the things that make our very happy are our beaches unfortunately for the covid we couldn't visit but we have great memories about that, here a pictures about that, enjoy it, from El Salvador Central America.

This is a very good initiative which will help increase engagement. I hope I get picked, cheers

Wow what a really cool thing to do.
I knew there must be a good reason that I decided to follow you 🤑

Hivelander The Immortal Mannequin here ;-)

Have a nice day!

This is a hard one, really. I have to think about it.

Keep your finger crossed...😉

Lol, it was a joke 😁

Fantastic! Thanks for the chance!!! 😁


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Leaving the comment... let's see if I can get 100 HIVE

I'm "someone", make me happy :D

Hey...there is one more ...its me..😉

Loool goodluck😂

And one more someone here! 😀
You are someone. He is someone. I am someone. They are someone. I wish goodluck to all someone! 😀😀😀
If I am the lucky someone, I gonna use the reward to pay my bills. Goodluck to someone like me. 🙏

Great idea to make someone's day👍

This is a great initiative. This idea of course makes me happy 😀

This post will get quite a few comments I would imagine :)

Thanks for making this great offer

I like the frogs on a cup , they look cute

Love your work on HiveVote.

Decent line of comments :-)
It's a bit about how to make something out of nothing :-).
Although, as an attempt to add statistics to HiveBuzz (number of comments) it's also not a bad idea.

Thirteenth Ferengi Rule of Acquisition: Anything worth doing is worth doing for money.

Chrcking in. Trying my luck :)

Goat meat is the greatest 😁

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Red meat...umm
...but hard to digest unless you have some drinks..

Weird post.

I don't want 100 HIVE, but I'm leaving a comment anyway to honor this giveaway.

A comment, interesting can I say something mmmmmm

Oh Nooooooo....😲


Thanks a lot!

Cool one, thanks for this

Thanks for ? Wouldnt you be interested...

thanks for doing this giveaway :P

I recently learned that some cannibals refer to humans as “long pigs”.

Hmm I never win giveaways, let's see!

Thanks in advance 😁

Woooow 😍

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maybe in this competition I will be lucky

if you want to learn about interesting Ukrainian music, join @musicua

Hi Sir, Good day! I am new in Hive. I successfully created an account the past 2 days. I come across your post by scrolling the feeds. My eyes rolled in reading your post. 😁 You just want to make someone happy by leaving a comment only. It is very simple. No need to write anything special. Anyone could be a winner as simple as saying hi and hello. This comment contest is as easy as abc and 123. Imagine $25 can help feed a family already in crisis times. Anyone will be very happy if chosen as a winner. Best of luck to all comments entries!
God bless to you Sir for your giveaways!

Just another day and another Giveway!

As simple as it is....

Wow😮, can I have it😍...

Thank you for being a nice person & doing this! It's a great way to get engagement too! :)

Have an awesome weekend 💚

Can I take a comment instead?

i would like to leave two comments, may I?

Well this incredibly weird but of course I do hope I will 😁

It works!

Glad happiness is the reason!

But this song states otherwise.
Have a safe weekend #hivers.


Turn the autovotes on :P


Let us enter the light.


Wow, what a great initiative!

Also creating engagement! Nice...

Users are desperstebfor commenting or wooing for 100 hive

A comment 🙃

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