Week 1 Blogiversary Giveaway #2!

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Come celebrate with me on my 4th Hive Birthday!

Many have already sent their greetings on my blogiversary announcement which I published on purepinay.blog or you could also open it on peakd, I am overwhelmed and humble for the love that everyone has shown. I have received a lot of gifts in different forms. While I haven’t blown my cake and opened the champagne (saving this date to share with my close friends and awesome Hivers in Cebu).

This whole month I want to dedicate some of my posts for some fun giveaways!

Every week, I or someone from the community will choose a winner. So make sure you are following @purepinay to not miss some fun announcement!

This week’s contest is sponsored by @itsmiessyonpeakd!

A little background about @itsmiessyonpeakd: I invited her to Hive 2 months ago and her first post “ I am @itsmiessyonpeakd and yeah!I love taking pictures and I just like random stuffs.I lived in Cebu for over 3 years now with our two adorable furbabies.(I think, this is the longest stay ever since I moved everywhere somewhere on earth since I was 21. Quite exciting.Why Cebu? Well, my partner was assigned to work here and build an office for his company. Before that, I lived in Europe for over 6 years. And now, I'm a full time furparent to our cuties.”.

So for this contest let’s bring all the furparents here and a little fun!

Blue and Red Cat Clean Minimal Hobbies Tote Bag.png

Prize on the line:

1 Winner will receive 5 Hive & Winner will be announced on the 25th of July

How to join:

  1. Follow @itsmiessyonpeakd, come back here and do the 2nd step
  2. Upload a photo of your pet in the comment section. (Tip: It would also help if you made a post/blog about your pet, you can also add the link but this is totally optional)

How to pick the winner:

@itsmiessyonpeakd and I will vote on the best and cutest photo.

Don’t forget to follow @itsmiessyonpeak for some more purry stories... and oh she’s also into arts, a wanderlust and a gastronome girl where she shared her recent post here. Also, pet lovers did you know we have a pet community? Yes, we do! And you can join the Hive Pet community by subscribing and using the hivepets tag on your posts. Plus, connect with pet lovers is also a gun way to meet some virtual friends on Hive!

P.s. if you join this contest, you will also have a chance to win the first Hiversary giveaway, where there will be three winners: 2 winners of customized tote bags for Filipino Hivers (one purepinay and one OCD tote bag) and 30 Hive for one of my international Hive supporters. Read more about it on this post. The more Entry you make, the higher your chance of winning on the first Giveaway!



For more visibility of this post, your support through upvote and reblog is much appreciated. Also, feel free to share on your social media accounts. Thank much! ❤️

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Happy Hiversary and thank you for the contest! :) I have two kitties, Maggie:

Maggie 46.jpg

...and Yuan! :)

Yuan 57.jpg

Maggie is 17 and Yuan is 13. ^_^

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@ecency thanks a lot for upvoting the entries! Love you guys! ❤️

Aw! Hello Maggie and Yuan!

@itsmiessyonpeakd this is going to be a hard choice for us haha

Thanks for the Big support from Venezuela 🇻🇪🤗

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Aw! 😍😍

congratulations on your birthday and I hope there are many more. Happy Monday 🤗😊

Thank you so much 🥰

Happy Hiversary!!! This is my Lia, whom I found on the street two summers ago. My eyes captured my heart! And so it is already the third year. I do not have purebred dogs, but my dogs are of the best breed ... LOVE ❤️❤️❤️



That's so nice of you to adopt Lia! 😍❤️

Hi there! ✨

Here's my entry to the contest


And I also created a post with other photos of him:

max is so beautiful! 😍

Thank you for joining the contest!


Naks! Kaphotogenic sa dog oh

Happy Blogiversary! 💐🎈🎉 It's Ira 2 years old. She is the reason I came back to the life and start to believe in the true love again. 😊




Omg, another cutie! Thank you for joining the content! Love Ira's photos 😍😍

Hi beautiful people im mongoose ,im 8years old last May,.🐶😉 i always celebrate my birthday with my mom and dad💑 they buy me cake🎂 and my dad cook my favorite beef🍖😋👍.,


Our deary Mongs! 🧡🧡🧡

Kacute man ni mongoose oi! ❤️🤗

UH ... this sounds good idea, I want see what photos come here up :) ... I going to put my Upvote button ready :))

Check out the entries! Could you pls help nominate your favourite. It's a tough decision. Haha Just dm me on discord. Discord: purepinay#1393

Oh boy ... it is hard to say .. they all look cool :) ... and also here is also one lucky cat and others are dogs :))
somehow it seems to me that the cat doesn't have a gentle sense of where it is , if it finds out it is with the dogs, it's going to be a big chaos :)))) " Run forest run ..." :)))

But this dog what cake ... looks funny :))) I hope it did not eat cake alone after that :)))

Uh Sorry there are Ducks too :))) now I see why cat is here :)))

Love to join this maam..pangitaon nako ako previous post about my pets☺️☺️

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Goodluck sa lahat ng sasali :)

My doggo named choco.
Who eats grass occationaly. Check out the video.
▶️ Watch on 3Speak

Let's take a break from mobile gaming for
awhile. I just... https://peakd.com/hive-181335/@icekrhoz/orocyzgm