GIVING BACK SUNDAYS!!! 100% Contribution to @FAMILYPROTECTION and @CRYPTOPIE of my Sundays Posts.

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All of the proceedings, 100% of the earnings on these GivingBackSunday will be split between the two amazing projects and people who have inspired me in a great way and I would like to contribute to that, but I will need your HELP because with your upvote you will make a difference and change someone's life for the better.
I'm not asking for donations, which if you would like to make you can go directly @familyprotection, and @cryptopie, but really all I would like to ask you is your upvotes that will help not one, but two different projects. All upvotes count and by upvoting, you are really making a huge difference and we really appreciate your kind and loving hearts.



Even if you don't believe in the bible, please don't let that stop you from doing good in the world. It's those small steps that count, it doesn't have to be anything big.

A lot of times we hesitate or don't think that those little things can change someone's life, or make any difference and this is the biggest mistake we make because it is those small, those tiny things that make the difference.
A simple smile can make someone's day or even change how they think of themselves, simple kind words can change someone's life even when we don't think anything about it, a warm hug, or a simple call can change life, a simple upvote that we sometimes think of should I, it will not make a big difference can change someone's life.

Let me explain a little about the two different projects that I mentioned above.
@FAMILYPROTECTION is just one of the best projects here created by @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam who are both just beautiful and lovely people who fight against families being destroyed by the social services. I absolutely love what this @familyprotection is doing and how it is a voice and support and huge help to those going through having their families taken apart.
Here is the link, if you would like to find out more:


Follow @familyprotection on Hive.
Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or place them for adoption.
Share your own story and use the tag #familyprotection

Another person that I would love to give back to and help as much as I can is my dear friend @cryptopie, who is in great need of our support and lots and lots of prayers for his healing, since he has been struggling with his health for a very, very long time now and he is one of the most inspiring and strong people that I have met and I am just so glad to have met him and have him here with us in this amazing community.

@Cryptopie is a dialysis patient with a Leontiasis caused by Hypeparathyroidism and living a day at a time with cryptos and enjoying blogging to support my medical needs and I am asking all of you to give and support him as much as you can and praying for him as much as we can because he really needs us.



Love @joalvarez.

I am a great supporter of @familyprotection who is working very hard to help the families stay together and this project is the most amazing project that I would suggest for everyone on this Hive community to check it out and support it and by doing it we are helping people in need who are trying to keep their kids safe from being taken away (kidnapped) by the Social Services. Here is the link Click here

Thank you for visiting my post. If you like it, please don't forget to Upvote, Follow, and Rehive, it is very, very appreciated. Any suggestions are always very welcome so that I can keep improving in this community.
God Bless!


Image created by my beautiful friend @sunnylife