Rex the Dog Loves to Drink Salt Water - 365 Day Photo Challenge - Day 10 - Golden Hour Photography

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Sibearian Husky Fun at the Beach - Ready to Drink Salt Water.

My bud Rex, making a good subject always as the sun sets. I shot these photos on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and edited them in Adobe Lightroom, which I am trying to get better at.. The overexposure on the water made it really hard to get the look I wanted on Rex here in this first picture. I hope to get a digital SLR soon because I know a polarizing filter would help a lot. If any photographers have any Lightroom tips, please comment and let me know. I chose these photos for @photocontests topic of the day which is Golden Hour Photography. This is one of my favorite categories.

Rex is a weirdo, and is eagerly walking towards the water to get a drink. Yes... you read that right... my dog drinks salt water. I've tried to stop him, but he doesn't care to listen. I have had Rex since he was 6 months old. A family on Craigslist had just had a baby and couldn't deal with both so I took this monster off their hands.

LRM EXP-182753.jpg

Rex Enjoying the Long Beach Water and Having a Quick Shake

Somehow caught this action shot of this shakey boy. The glare on the water was a little easier to deal with in this shot and I think the exposure was better in general. Rex is a great dog but he gets waaaaay too excited around a bunch of dogs at once, so I only take him to the edge of the dog beach, and at hours when not many other dogs will be there. He is also very neurotic and sneezes around 20 times a day, and shakes like this all the time. He's a weird cookie.
LRM EXP-183100.jpg

LA River Bike Path Walk - Bonus Portrait Shot

This is a shot from a different day I took walking along the Los Angeles River on the bike path near Long Beach. I don't care for it as much as the last two but in the spirit of #goldenhourphotography, I decided to include it as well. He was sitting calmly for once, which is rare, so I snapped this quick portrait shot. Rex is 5 years old now, but still has the full energy of a puppy. He could run for hour a day and loves to play. A city dog through and through, walks along the beach, walks through the city, or even drives in the car, are all fun for him.
LRM EXP-191947.jpg

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nice dog and nice clicks man :)

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Rex is a wierdo, and is eagerly walking towards the water to get a drink.
It should be weirdo instead of wierdo.

Always catching me... Thanks. I fixed it.

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nice click
i love dog 😍

i love dog...<3.

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