Early in the morning before the sun came up i do biking for one hour instead of jogging. I do this on purpose which is very obvious.


First, to be fit, prolong my endurance and strength for our coming rides. Barakda rides :)


Second, if i go on running one hour will exhaust me and will be tired to do my job, since i doing doing it regularly.


Third, one hour run wouldn't take me far coz if i did i will not make it on time to back in site then i'll be late for my work.
Fourth, if i can't go far from our site the same view will i always every every morning and i will not be enjoying the sun rise so i have to find a higher place where i can see it. Thus biking is my way of enjoying every sun rise at the same time getting me fit.

Thats all hope you appreciate my reasons hahahaha,, see yah!!!!

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wow,,, i never thought that my post caught your attention. thank you so much sir/maam. i'll try my best to capture some better views next time,, thanks a lot :)