The Holy Grail

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The Holy Grail

I. The Holy Grail is the goblet of fire and water that gives you life. It is the sacred chalice.

II. The Holy Grail is the woman. The woman herself is the chalice.

III. There are two types of the Grail; yet choose wisely. The true grail will give you life. The false grail will take away your life.

IV. Oh, my dear friend! You must identify the woman by her fruits.

V. Her fruit is her sexual behavior. You will know her by the way of how she behaves before you.

VI. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, have taught you many times that you must lower your eyes at the moment you see a beautiful woman in order to avoid lustful seduction.

VII. Have I not taught you that a beautiful woman is capable of storing sexual energies inside herself? She can store satanic energies 20 times more than adulterous men combined.

VIII. Vanities of a beautiful woman! She, as a beautiful woman, can attract with her charms inexperienced, male initiates who lack the differentiation between the virgin and the prostitute. Woe unto beautiful women who take pride in their external beauty as a means to cast lustful spells on gullible men! In the end, death and suffering await him. The desires of a beautiful woman are never satisfied.

IX. Now you know, my good friend, that the prostitute is the grail that takes away your life. I repeat: the prostitute is the false grail. This is how one must study the Sixth Card of the Tarot: Indecision.

X. I am not recommending that you must renounce looking for a woman.

XI. There is a woman, who does not take pride in vanities in regards to appearance.

XII. This woman is a healer. This is she who you can look at.

XIII. The woman can appear more or less imperfect.

XIV. She takes emphasis on moral purity.

XV. Whom you are looking for is not a beautiful woman; you are looking for a woman that the White Lodge is delivering unto you. This woman is the narrow path that you must take.

XVI. This woman is not a viper who bites you.

XVII. This woman is a modest woman.

XVIII. The modest woman is the true and sacred Holy Grail.

XIX. The modest woman is the one who will give you life. She will give you eternal youth and has the power to reverse old age in men.

XX. The modest woman is the one who you must elevate into the Virgin or the Queen of the Heavens. It is she, the modest woman, whom you must crown her as Queen of Nature through immaculate sexuality!

XXI. Blessed are modest women who elevate themselves into the Queen of the Heavens, representing our Divine Mother Kundalini!

XXII. Blessed is the Virgin who is crowned by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!