Some statistics about Manual Rewards Claim in Gridcoin

in #gridcoin2 months ago (edited)

The latest update of Gridcoin, version introduced Manual Rewards Claim (MRC). MRC allows users to get rewards for BOINC without staking themselves. This makes it possible to earn Gridcoins without an initial investment.

The graph shows the number of MRC requests per day. The gray line represents the average.

Since August 28, 320 MRC requests have been made, which is an average of about 3.6 MRC requests per day. A maximum of 9 MRC requests can be made per block and thus per 90 seconds. This becomes 960 * 9 = 8640 MRC requests per day. So there is still enough room for new crunchers.

A total fee of 31,996 GRC was paid for MRC requests. 80% of this amount (25596.8 GRC) went to the Gridcoin foundation. Not a bad amount and with this the further development of Gridcoin can be supported.