One Great Trick For Learning Songs By Ear

in #guitar5 years ago

A lot of times music will mesh, or glue, together so well that it’s hard to really hear all the different parts going on in a song or all the instruments by themselves. One great way to try isolating some of those instruments (and help out with learning to play by ear) is to do something called “hard panning” the speakers. This can also be a really good way to take a song apart and learn more about how it was put together.

What this means for you is that you can use your pan control knob on your music player to completely turn down one of your two speakers so that (hopefully) the instrument you’re listening for will be the only instrument playing through the speaker.

This is a really simple way to cut down on some of that “gluing” we talked about earlier and to get that guitar part singled out a little better for you so that you can hear it a little more clearly.

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