Halving or Halvening or Hivening?

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In a few days it's that time. If you are a bit aware of Bitcoin you will know that there is a rare event coming up.

Every 4 years (roughly) there is a Halving/Halvening in the supply of the minable Bitcoin per block.


The terms are both right by the way, it is just the community consensus in the end. New vocabulary is being invented as we speak.

Now miners are getting 12.5 BTC per block and then it will be 6.25

The countdown can be found here together with a lot more information.

Now there is a lot of talk that the price should shoot up before the event due to FOMO and anticipation but I have not seen anything really move yet.

The other supposition is that when the price does not move just before the event it will do so after the event. It might even go down.

But the consensus is that this event is the catalyst for the next Boom cycle that will propel Bitcoin and as such the rest of the cryptosphere one leg higher.

My retirement investment plan

Personally I do not mind that the spike in price has not really happened. I am happily sticking to my guns and buying a bit every month in my long term and high-risk pension plan. So as long as the price stays below 10 K I am getting a bit more Sats for the same amount of Dollars (or franks in this case as all prices in the chart are CHF)

But for the moment I am a lot happier with something else that has been bucking the trend.

HIVE is rocking it right now

After dipping to the 0.30 dollar level it seems to have really bounced of that resistance and is now back to 0.40 ish. This seems to me that Hive is settling in a nice price range but most of all it's going against the broad crypto market and that is more meaningful.
My hive part of the portfolio seems to be worth more than my BTC part all of a sudden and I really do not mind.

Let us hope that this stays the trend and that Hive can reach its rightful position in the top 20.

What are your views on BTC and the upcoming Halving?
How do you see Hive doing in the near future?


We're into the final week of 12.5 BTC block rewards.

Would be great if its Hivening, so we get richhhh))).

Would be great to see other alths coins being affected by the Bitcoin rise

Interesting thought to save up for your retirement by buying btc.. food for the brain here ;)

I've just started buying BTC, had a bit before but sold it after it kept dropping at the time, now buying to hold it (maybe sell small bit when it really peaks to buy back in dip, but not sure yet, as it's so new to me).

Curious to see what will happen with the halving next week, thanks for sharing..