I Bought a Rare Blaster in the Bang Defense Beta Sale!

in #hashkings8 months ago

Thanks to everyone who rented my lots and water towers in Hashkings, I was able to accumulate some Hives and bought myself blasters from the Bang Defense Beta Sale. I just purchased a RARE blaster now and I am excited how much this could be worth when the game goes live. I have watched the preview of the game and it looks like something. I am just here waiting to support all Hive Games. Hive has always been my go to blockchain for passive income because it has zero gas fee, a few tx fees in the Dex but that's not hurting your pocket unlike other chains.

Please check out the Bang Defense Beta Sale and grab some blasters and get ready for the game or just collect these NFTs as investments and sell them out in the future for income.

Support all Hive NFT Games!



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Nice keep it up.
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