HashKings 20% Buds Discount Across Their Games

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The HashKings Ecosystem has a pretty cool acceptance of multiple currencies that can be used to buy NFT's for the many Games within its ecosystem.
One of the more interesting value for money currency is the Buds coin. This is usable across the whole system from buying NFT's to upgrading buildings in the Hashkings game.

Now there is an even bigger bonus to buy using buds!
20% off purchases original prices when buds are used compared to other currencies. (Game Dependent as some give a 10% discount)
This will allow you to buy more for less. With that leftover money you can then stake the remaining buds that you saved! ( More on this in a future post)



This shows the buy screen on Hashkings. This is one of the many joints that can be rolled which give XP to your chosen in game avatar. The 20% saving is shown on screen which allows you to compare prices with other currencies.

Buying NFT's this way has saved me a vast amount of money and will continue to for a long time. This has allowed me to progress much faster within the game than I realistically could without the discount.

Hope this helps. Any questions come and join the Discord for some amazing help! https://discord.gg/azatCjTSjk

Come take a look at Hashkings here https://farm.hashkings.app/play


Hey @youloseagain! Here's the comment I promised you... 😊

(and yes, this is copy/pasted & changed up a bit from the usual newbie welcome message I usually drop, as part of the Love Sniper team).

I know you've been here for a bit, but the post 3 things Newbies should do in their first week on Hive should be helpful for you to check out, to get an idea of how the community works.

Speaking of community, we have many different ones here on the blockchain, devoted to all kinds of interests. Here's a link so you can check them all out - Hive Communities. Based on what you've been posting, I think you'll find these interesting -


Hive Gaming Community


Also, as Hive can sometimes be quite confusing, the newly launched Newbies Guide should be helpful to you, as it is a growing repository of useful and easy to understand posts about how the Hive ecosystem works.

Please be aware that Hive is a bit different from other social media platforms since you are monetizing your blog, so it is important not to include content that you don't own without sources (and it shouldn't exceed 50% of the post). For more information, check this post - Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise by hivewatchers.

If you're looking for more information on how PeakD works, take a peek at their profile and scroll through their posts HERE. If you want to speak to someone directly, pop into their Discord - there are lots of helpful folks around who can guide you in the right direction.

If you have any other questions, just shout out and I'll do my best to answer them. 😊

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Well done @youloseagain! You successfully guessed the match result and unlocked your badge!
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