BURN event this week... 200k HIVE🔥

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The community has voted!

  • Burning the funds won the popular vote
  • Sending it to the DHF won the stake based vote (mostly due to @darthknight and his 3mil HP)
  • Burning the funds won the adjusted for 100k max HP vote
  • In total 85 accounts voted

I was hoping for a higher participation from the community but unfortunately the post did not trend in time for that.

The funds will be sent to @null hopefully inside the next 48 hours and a tx confirmation will be shared onchain.
The value of those tokens has risen to 64000 USD and if im not mistaken that makes this the largest burn event in HIVE/STEEM history.

Thanks to everyone that voted and lets go make some history. 😎🔥



Shut up and have a !BEER

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Thank you 🙏🏾

More on the way... 😉


Let's all enjoy the ride!

Hey there!

Just for educational purposes, what exactly is the point of burning? Is is solely to increase the value of the remaining Hive or is there another reason I am failing to grasp?

I would say that is the case... its what most people wanted.

Basically like a reverse stock split.