I Quit Eating for 28 Days [Water Fast] : Day 10 (Instant/Delayed Gratification)

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I Quit Eating for 28 Days

To Lose Weight
For Better Health
To Attain an Elevated State of Consciousness
To be more like Jesus, for Jesus Fasted for 40 days

I Ran Out Of Money.

I took a Leap of Faith with Steemit, and it didn't turn out so well, so I started fasting.

Day 10 of 28

Not too long ago, sometimes, even shocking to even myself how short a time ago, I was hopelessly depressed, drug addict who seeked instant gratification the second I felt the slightest pressure of life.

The second it got a little too much, my immediate reaction is “I can’t deal with this shit any longer I need something cope with it” and begin my search for a substance to abuse. To say I had standards as to what I chose to abuse is mostly a joke, I would consume outright anything I could get my hands on.

Right now, I am delaying the gratification of everything, for now, 10 days with 18 more to go, with I’d say, moderate amount of effort, for the benefits of healing myself and for better health for my future. Not only that, I am loving the process every step of the way.

Even to me, it seems like such a wild journey, and I’m the one living it.If you’d like to learn more of my history, I’ve listed them at the bottom.

I’ve always been a extreme fella, and I sincerely love it as such. It brings the worst of pains, yet the highest of highs. Nonetheless, I feel I have finally settled into the type of life I would like to lead and actively pursue.

Which is one of not only bringing my body to the peak of Total Human Optimization, also one where I am working on myself to grow exponentially in all facets of life, career, philosophy, and positive impact upon the world.

I air my dirty laundry like a flag because I want others who I know are out there who are suffering a similar fate to the one I experienced and to help them see that there is a light they can work towards to.

Fasting and The Benefits of Self-Control and Delay Gratification

The shittiest decisions I have made in my life, have been made on the back of the need for instant-gratification. It is the need to immediately feel better today at the expense of tomorrow and beyond. To say that led me down a dark road, is an understatement.

Yet instant-gratification is wide spread issue almost everyone faces.

Feeling a little shitty today? Boss treating you like shit? Reach out for a candy bar.

Feeling a little overwhelmed with how much work you have? Watch some YouTube.

Feeling depressed with life? Can’t imagine that things can get better? Smoke Industrial-Grade Chemicals to get blasted out of your mind.

Okay maybe that last one is for a select few, i.e. me.

Whatever it may be, instant gratification is common-found yet absolutely devastating to our overall well-being. It is a massively destructive force that slowly but surely, takes away what we want in the grand scheme of things, for what you can have right now.

Instant gratification is a fundamental issue that is a cancer to your life.

Alright, instant gratification is bad, but what am I to do about, I’ve always been this way, how do I change something that is so ingrained in my habit pattern?

My opinion? I mean do I really even have to say it at this point.

Nuke it.

Self control is a muscle, and you need to work it for it to be strong, and the best way to break the cycle is to do it explosively.

Do 20 sit-ups everyday, for 365 days and you will get a six pack.

How long do you think you’d do it before you start to get sloppy and stop?

What if instead, you do 5 sets of 20 sit-ups, 20 crunches, totalling 200 repetitions a day for 30 days and you will get a six-pack.

In which scenario do you think you’re more likely to succeed?

Fasting is the ultimate tool to the breaking of the habit of instant gratification

By going through such an extreme exercise of self control and delayed gratification, you put a cleaver between you and your regular habit. It gives you exactly what you need to make a definitive impact on breaking the habit.

It Will Change Your Life

Of course, let’s not glorify it to that extent. What you do after the fact matters just as much. Are you going to rely on this momentum from the fast and push forth or are you simply going to let your old habits creep back in.

Good Things Are Not Hard To Do, But They Are Much Easier To Not Do

Fasting may give you a strong head start, but just like actual exercise, don’t expect to maintain that six pack if you stop doing ab exercises after 30 days.

It is absolutely worth keeping up with

Understand, that if you rid yourself of the habit of instant gratification, and change it, with delayed gratification for greener pastures at a later time, it is going to positively impactful as much in a reverse fashion, as compared to me, on my hands and knees literally, physically and mentally dieing, at the hands of my own drug addiction.


My belief, is that Delayed Gratification, will bring me to new heights of success and happiness I can far from imagine and I am excited with life and it’s opportunities like never before.


All of this, from not eating. I seem to be saying that a lot. It’s true though.

I will ensure that I not just hold, but cultivate my habit of Delayed Gratification and charge forth towards my goals and dreams, and I invite anyone, everyone to do the same.


State of Being

Today, once again, it really does seem to me like any regular day, nothing particularly challenging in regards to the fast. I got my heart racing a little as I had to pedal my bike upslope for a little bit. I am overall in a weakened state than if I were eating when it comes to physical performance.

On the other hand however, I have remained relatively dormant sitting in front on my screen all day. So I realized I need to reincorporate exercise back into my daily routine as I am past the transition phase and should utilize the Human Growth Hormone surge my body is releasing.

Starting tomorrow I will get some exercise into my daily routine again. The bike ride got my blood flowing and it honesly felt really good and it seems like I want more of that. So that is what I will do.

Mental State is once again a stable level, though I did not keep up my productivity today as my body told me I needed to slow down a little, so I listened. I did do some constructive works in ideating more for my proposals for utopian.io which requires quite abit of mental capacity and creativity. I also worked out more personal development stuff which I have been sitting on for a little while.

Hunger Pangs are not completely absent, once again, occuring sporadically, but absolutely negligible and sometimes they happen, I feel them, yet I don't even realize it any longer, just like a mild irritation you can ignore.

All in all, seriously not what someone would expect a human-being to feel like after 10 days deprived of food.

The response I have been getting from the community thus far has been really what has been driving me with so much motivation to keep this journal going strong. I really did not expect such a positive response, but it am very grateful to have them.

I am now more motivated than ever to keep up with bringing positivity and value to whoever may be reading and I feel that I am on the right path right now, which is not exactly something that I have felt often in the past.

Once again, I am immensely grateful to be where I am in life right now and maybe my painful past can bring forth some value for others who are suffering right now to see the light and know that the situation is not lost, and not hopeless. There is much that can be done, and I am here for anyone who cares to engage!

That’s all for today! Till tomorrow,

God Speed Brethren.

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When you are done this you should buy some Strong beause you are going to need some nutrients. Steem is a long term investment, do not cash out under $22. I hope you find your enlightenment by releasing your attachments.

Interesting.. I will look into it! Thank you for dropping by!

Steem is a long term investment, do not cash out under $22

That's a lot of confidence, I like it! As a matter of fact I'm looking to buy in.

I hope you find your enlightenment by releasing your attachments.


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A great article filled with wisdom rarely shared. thanks for giving it the exposure it deserves. Keep your good courage, all for one and one for all!

Namaste :)

Thank you very much for your kind words @eric-boucher! It has been some time since we last connected, I believe since I started this fast.

It has definitely been an amazing journey thus far and day by day it seems to be getting more and more interesting! I will be covering a lot more in this blog series about the conciousness and spirituality portion of fasting, but did not want to rush into it without first, experiencing at least some degree of whatever I am saying.

I think you may be interested!

God Speed Brethren.

So good to hear from you again!

You are right in deed and was so excited to read that you are still on the process of making it happen. It gave me a big smile and thought I had to share my joy in reading so. You can be proud, a healthy pride, in what you are doing. This is not easy, for most not to mention how they might not even have the courage of trying it, and my hat goes up there for your sacrifice and persistence.

Experiential knowledge is the utmost important part of it all and, as the body-mind clears, the light rises to the surface giving you more and more insights as to what you really are, but more importantly allows you to see through the veils of it into the depths of where we're all from.

The latest "Dream Series" converses on this topic an awful lot and this extra time in your hand as well as the state of your mind would gain from practicing such exercises too I believe...

Namaste :)

Wow, 10 days thats awesome! I wish you the best on your journey to 30!! The longest I have ever fasted was 72hrs and everyone said i was crazy, lol. Anyhow, i will be following u on ur journey and trying to be supportive as possible. I hope one day to try this as well, so i wish u all the best my friend. Take care and good luck.

Hey again @moderndayhippie! Thank you very much for dropping by and engaging!

Wow, 10 days thats awesome! I wish you the best on your journey to 30!

Thank you for the vote of support! It is very much appreciated.

The longest I have ever fasted was 72hrs and everyone said i was crazy, lol.

I can imagine! The first time I did 4 days many of my loved ones were starting to get concerned! It is only natural as it seems like such an outlandish thing to do. However the truth is that eating 3 meals a day is technically more outlandish than not eating for 14 days if you compare the entirety of the existence of humanity.

Anyhow, i will be following u on ur journey and trying to be supportive as possible. I hope one day to try this as well, so i wish u all the best my friend.

Thank you very much once again, and I do hope you do take on a longer fast! I would say that it really really gets significantly easier after you get past the hump. From there on out, which is where I am right now, it is really crusing for the most part and I feel better than most normal days of eating food even.

On an extra note, I did take your pointers of my proposals to heart and improved a little in that regard, if you haven't had a chance, I wrote another utopian.io proposal :

Curation Lists : Curation with The Power of The Swarm

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Congratulation! This is amazing! You are a true role model. Good luck with your fast. Are you just now up in the North? Fasting in summer should be more fun.

Thank you very much thank you for your too kind words! Sorry it took me a few days to get back, missed your reply for some reason..

Yes I am up in Sweden right now with usually around 1-0 degrees temperature on a daily basis. It can get quite tedious at times, but I take it as an additional challenge on top of what I already do.

I have also begun adding even more exercise into my daily routine now.

Overall I'm doing quite well and am definitely feel and see signs of massive cleansing on-going throughout my body!

You are so brave. I also thought about a fast, but would prefer to do it in Spring. I am always cold.
I look forward to your other posts. All the best!