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How are your health goals going in 2021?


There are multiple approaches about health. However not all of them are about optimal health. This article is about optimal health. Why?
How many reasons do we have to compromise our health? i don't know and i don't think we have enough. These days we're encouraged, to be responsible for our health and for the health of all the others, to prevent disease. Our natural state is a state of health, as most health problems are problems of lifestyle that come from unhealthy food. So education about healthy food can help us maintain our natural state of health and prevent unnecessary health problems. In the following lines by disease i mean disease of lifestyle, as this is the one we can prevent. A common approach for health sounds like this:

Take this medication and you'll be ok!

A medical treatment doesn't change our lifestyle. Since an unhealthy lifestyle created the health problem in the first place, this approach always fails. Even though the medical approach doesn't address the cause, it’s comforting because it treats symptoms/ effects. Working on the effects/symptoms is actually the way to chronic disease, as the untouched cause continues to get compounded. The cause of disease can be solved through healthy food, not by medication. A superficial (on the surface) approach is not the only way. Another approach is to work on the cause, in which case we can remove the cause. Warning:

  • This article is not for people who want medical education.
  • This article is only for people who like

The second approach: maintaining our optimal health

I don’t have 1 medical degree and

  • i don't share education about the first approach: working on the effects = solving effects = solving symptoms through medication.
  • i share education about the second approach: working on the cause = solving the cause.

The education i share in this article is from more qualified people and it’s based on factual information that's available to the public. i highly recommend you to do your own research about health and draw your own conclusions, as your health is your responsibility.

Optimal health = optimal food

The idea of optimal food (species specific food) is pretty simple: Every species has its digestive tract adapted for foods specific to it and every species maintains its optimal health with those foods. Can we eat other foods and survive? Yes. There are people who eat unhealthy foods and they survive. This doesn't mean unhealthy foods are healthy, does it? There is a difference between surviving and optimal health. It's up to you to decide how you want to negotiate your health:

  • You can enjoy optimal health or
  • You can settle with less.

In a previous video i talk about fruits and vegetables. Incomplete information can lead to misinterpretation, as there are multiple types of fruits and vegetables.
In this article i intend to correct my mistake with complete information.

Optimal food = simple food

Optimal food, the food we're naturally adapted to eat is the food we can eat in the form it exists in nature. So optimal food is simple, as it's unnecessary to complicate ourselves with cooking (with or without heating) to eat food in its natural form. So How many reasons are there, to live a complicated, unhealthy lifestyle? I don't know and i don't think there are enough. So this article is only for people who like the natural approach for health.
Physical health is not even a growth need, it's a basic need. So How about we keep our basic need simple, so we can focus on more important matters e.g. our growth needs?
Also, when we complicate with cooking food, we destroy some of the nutrients and we create toxins:

  • Mutagens that accelerate our own aging process.
  • Carcinogens that cause cancer in us.
  • Teratogens that cause birth defects to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. depending on when the cumulative effect reaches a threshold.

E.g. When we cook carbohydrates (potatoes, grains, beans, etc.), we create an interesting compound called acrylamide. Not to mention:

  • The compounds that already exist in animal products: hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, saturated fats, etc.
  • Digestive leukocytosis = the body produces white blood cells when we eat cooked food.

Btw, typically the immune system produces white blood cells during an infection. Food shouldn’t trigger an immune response. Food should feed us. How many reasons are there to trigger a false alarm for our immune system? I don't know and i don't think there are enough. no wonder why so many people have immune disease.
How many overweight chimps are there? I don't know and i don't think there are too many. Overweight & obesity are consequences of eating unhealthy food. Just like animals, we don't have to worry about our weight when we eat optimal food.
Most health problems come from unhealthy food (toxins and nutrient deficiency). This also means that most patients in hospitals are there because of unhealthy food. Imagine the relief on medical personal when people maintain their optimal health with optimal food.

  • How responsible are we for our health when we consume unhealthy food?
  • How responsible are we for our children’ health when we offer them unhealthy food?
  • How responsible are we for the prevention of disease that comes from unhealthy food?
  • How responsible are we for the health of our descendants when we pass them teratogens?
  • When are we gonna take responsibility for our health and for our children’ health?
  • How many reasons do we have to eat foods that cause disease in us and in our descendents? I don't know and i don't think we have enough.

Imagine how many disease we can prevent when we eat healthy food.
Great news: When we eat food that doesn't require cooking i.e. live food,

  • we can prevent disease caused by the toxins in cooked food.
  • we can prevent disease caused by the nutrient deficiency of cooked food.

Health can also be:

  • simple, as we don't have to complicate with cooking food when we eat live food,
  • delicious, as fruits are delicious.

Our life can be healthy, simple and delicious. How can we beat this combination?
Here's another tough riddle: What's more important, the food in your life or the life in your food?

Optimal health = Optimal digestion

The better our digestion, the better we absorb nutrients. For optimal health, we can eat food that's easier to digest. So it's simple to know what veggies are optimal, as some veggies are easier to digest than others: Of all the vegetables, tender greens are the easiest to digest. Of all the tender greens, lettuce is the easiest to digest.


When optimal health is our goal, we can have variety even for veggies, as there are multiple varieties of lettuce. So our optimal food is great for people who like simplicity. You don't have to complicate with making a salad, as you can eat lettuce in its natural form i.e. without seasoning: salt, ground pepper, oil, vinegar/lemon, etc. You can wrap some fruit in lettuce leaves. Now you have a healthy wrap. Fruits and lettuce digest perfectly together. It's easy. It's quick. It takes no time.


Optimal health = Optimal food combining

Including different fruits at the same meal leads to difficult digestion, as they require different digestive mediums, as they have different compositions. It's easier to digest 1 type of fruit per meal. How can we be sure about optimal food combining?
Don't worry. Optimal food is combining-free, as we have only 1 type of fruit.

Optimal health = simplicity

We can be healthier than before by simplifying our life, by eliminating all the unhealthy, complicated foods. As we keep our basic need of health simple, we can focus on more important matters, such as our growth needs. Also, as we simplify our life, we have more time to focus on our financial health that can help us ensure even better health for ourselves and for our family. How about that?

Simplicity = variety.

People who want variety can have it. In a week (ar even more) you can eat healthy without eating the same fruit twice, as there are dozens of edible fruits. These are some ideas for how we can maintain our health simple. What you do with them is up to you.


Offering resources might be challenging, as different people have different views. Still, offering resources might be useful, as people might wander what's the basis for this article. Resources about: food 2 3, fruits 2 3 4, lettuce, cooked food 2, simplicity.
Hive community. For people who like the chat function, here's a Me We community, in which you can also find resources in the form of files. Me We is a social media with no ads that also has chat function.

Bottom line

How is this context useful for keeping our health simple?
The healthiest lifestyle is also the simplest lifestyle.
When optimal health is our goal, we can eat 1 type of fruit / meal with or without lettuce.
How can we get more simple than that?

These article are part of a book.
How do we know we eat the right proportions of macronutrients: sugar, fat, protein?
How about micronutrients: vitamins and minerals?
We can explore this subject in the next article. Until then, in the comment section you can share your opinion for the questions of this article. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day.


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