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Hello awesome people. Welcome to the last part of the series about optimal food.
These days we're encouraged to be more responsible in the name of health. Optimal food can help us have optimal health.

Fortunately, we can find what’s optimal food with a simple test:

  • Would we eat this food in nature?

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  • beans and other seeds that are not edible in their natural form,
  • edible seeds and other foods that are not optimal for digestion,
  • vegan cheese, vegan burger, vegan sausages and other vegan foods that don't exist in nature,
  • honey and other sweeteners that doesn't exist in nature in the form they exist in stores,
  • sauerkraut and other fermented foods that don't exist in nature,
  • oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, and other spices we wouldn't eat in nature,
  • mushrooms and other plants we wouldn't eat in their natural form,
  • olives and other fruits we wouldn't eat in their natural form,
  • garlic and other pungent plants we wouldn't eat in nature,
  • herbs and other plants we wouldn't eat in nature,
  • nightshades and other plants with negative health effects,
  • raw crackers, raw-vegan burgers, and other dehydrated raw-foods that don't exist in nature,
  • raw-vegan cakes, raw-vegan cookies and other raw-vegan desserts that don't exist in nature,
  • roots and other fibrous veggies we wouldn't eat in nature,
  • juices, smoothies, and other foods that don't exist in nature.

These foods are not part of the natural approach, they’re not optimal, so feel free to share them in communities that aren’t about optimal health.
The goal of "Simple food 4 optimal health" community is to inspire people achieve optimal health. So it’s only for people who understand what's optimal food, not for those who don't understand.

What are the foods that pass the test?

Can we eat fruits in their natural form?
Yes we can.
Can we eat lettuces in their natural form?
Yes we can.

Optimal health = optimal digestion. Optimal food is only the food that's optimal for our digestion.
Are fruits optimal for digestion?
Yes they are, except nightshades and other fruits that have negative effects on our digestion.
Are lettuces optimal for digestion?
Yes they are.

In an optimal lifestyle even making a salad is optional. You can simply have lettuce leaves as a side dish to a fruit meal.

L F 2 ap.jpg

L F 1a.jpg

Fruits and lettuce digest perfectly together. Many of us also enjoy using lettuce as others would use bread, taco shells or wraps.

L 1.jpg

We make fruit the filling!

F 1.jpg

F 2.jpg

F 3.jpg

What flavor do you like for your healthy wrap:
citrus fresh,

w 2 4.jpg

sweet fresh?

w 3.jpg

The are more fruits than flavors of unhealthy wraps.
So for optimal wraps you can have even more variety than for unhealthy ones.

When optimal health is our goal, we can eat 1 type of fruit / meal with or without lettuce. How can we be more simple than that?

Feel free to share these foods. Obviously, food is just one component of optimal health. There are multiple components that determine our health.

Suboptimal foods might be useful in the transition toward an optimal lifestyle, as long as you accept the negative health effects of suboptimal food. Shouldn't we accept negative health effects knowingly?
We accept negative health effects unknowingly when we don't have information about them. I share what's optimal and what’s not, as complete information can enhance someone's health. You’re still totally free to eat whatever you want.

There are many communities in which people share recipes.
How many chances are there to inspire people live a complicated lifestyle? I don't know and i don't think there are enough. Are you sure about the natural lifestyle?
Don't worry. There's no complication/recipe. We just take the food and eat it in its natural form. Instead of offering people a complicated way, that also moves us away from optimal health;
How about we offer people a simple way to a healthy life?

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See you in the next article. Until then, in the comment section you can share your opinion for the questions of this article. Thanks so much for reading. Have a great day.