Looks like I have an impacted wisdom tooth!

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Pic of my cats working with me at night, just to have a pic on this post lol.

I'm 23 and it's the age where my wisdom teeth come out. I have noticed 3 of them growing a few months back and looks like 1 is also in the process of emerging. A couple of months ago they were growing very slowly, I just noticed them when I felt some weird hard thing at the back of my mouth. I'm not sure when exactly I noticed them but I think the growth was pretty slow (or probably because it's impacted?)

During those times I didn't worry cos it didn't hurt at all despite seeing the tip and even tho they were growing I didn't feel anything at all. Just a month ago, I felt random headaches. That was weird cos I rarely get headaches. That feeling was like hmm, getting your head pressed or something. I also felt pressure in my jaw so I instantly connected it to the growth of my wisdom teeth.

Just 2 days ago, the gums around my growing wisdom tooth at the lower left started swelling. I thought it's just a normal process this time since there's gonna be some gums (normally) getting torn cos of the growth. But now it looks like it's not normal at all cos the pain is intensifying and feels like it's spreading to the back of my throat and the whole left jaw. It's now getting unbearable that even when I'm not chewing or doing anything, I can feel the pain.

I haven't called my dentist for an appointment yet but hopefully I can walk in tomorrow. Pretty sure she'll advice me to have an xray but for that I will surely do an xray for all of the 4 wisdom teeth growing, I have no time to feel the symptoms in different time bruh. If this is indeed an impacted wisdom tooth (or teeth :() then it's a pretty great timing to get a surgery or a tooth removal. Doesn't help too that my dentist was one of the first covid patients back in March. But I guess I shouldn't worry by now since she got it already, and instead of going to a dentist that I don't know and risk getting the virus, I'd rather go to my dentist of 10+ years. It's just my mom overthinking about getting it from an ex-covid patient lol.

If I just got a gum infection (and not necessarily impacted tooth) then hopefully I will just have to take antibiotics and this pain goes away soon as I can't afford to not work. To many expenses. :/

How about you, what was your experience when you had your wisdom teeth? Is the removal expensive and painful?


I have several broken teeth. I'm terrified of dentists due to bad ones as a kid and teen. I get tooth infections about 1-2x a year and just get antibiotics. I am not looking forward to when I finally bite the bullet and deal with this mess. Proactive tooth care is definitely better...

If it's a possible gum infection make some strong salt water with regular table salt and gargle and swish that around in your mouth for a bit. 2-3x a day. Sometimes you may even find doing it brings some relief.

Yeah I've known some who are also terrified of dentists that's why it's really important to go to someone you really trust. :/ Hopefully someday you'll be able to find a dentist that actually cares and will prioritize your comfort. How do you get antibiotics though if you don't visit the dentist?

Thanks for the advice! I did that as well but I'd still wanna go to the dentist just to be sure, and also to get antibiotics. I was lucky I never had bad experiences and hopefully someday you'll also be able to conquer that fear.

Of course still go to the dentist to have them look at it.

I just go to a doctor and tell them what's going on. If they give me any guff I say that the dentist will charge me $80 for x-rays to tell me what I already know and that usually gets me the script

I can't even remember how it was with mine, my brain must have erased the data lol but I think that it must feel really uncomfortable. Hope you'll feel better😊