Is Sitting The New Smoking?

in #health6 years ago (edited)

The latest area of my life that I'm focusing on is general activity levels and body mechanics (since I spend half of my life sitting at work).

I know this title may seem inflammatory in terms of the extent to which sitting can hurt your health but the more I read, the more I wonder!


I've always known my posture was bad and that sitting was the major issue but never considered just how bad it was. After hearing of Dr Kelly Starrett and his book, Deskbound, I have spent a lot more time reading and learning so thought this might be a helpful post for Steemian consumption!

As a 'typical' office worker, I spend the vast majority of my day seated and clearly this has to STOP. I did find an interesting article over on NBC News that pretty much covers everything.

Personally, I'm trying to make a bigger effort to get up and move around and to take a longer stroll at lunch. This has already helped my mood and concentration. I also took a leap and bought a standing desk that I do my best to use at least 50% of the time. It really does take a concious effort to change such a life long habit, though...

p.s. As with most things, there's a pendulum swing and I rather think that sitting is not necessarily the enemy but being aware of how much you're sitting and how you are sitting is the crucial metric.


Good post! Keep up the moving around! It will definetly benefit your life and future health! If you generally are interested in health topics you should check out my channel: :) greets

Nice to meet you, @theaustrianguy! I'll check your channel out - thanks!