YouTube Banning Health & Wellness Channels... Again

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Last year, @jroseland & I went through this nonsense...

YouTube Is Removing Some Nootropics Channels: At least three creators have had their channels deleted with little explanation, but countless similar videos are still up

And then the follow-up...

YouTube: Some Nootropics Channels Were ‘Removed Mistakenly’

Well, YouTube is at it again. And maybe it has something to do with their updated, June 2019, content policies - I received an e-mail from Jonathan today with the subject line "Limitless Mindset Banned (Again!)" Fantastic... so how long until my channel w/ over 20k followers goes down? At least I've been building an audience on these decentralized platforms (one of which is here on Steemit.) DTube has been a weird experience for me (mostly buggy) but I've heard good things about bitchute. Any suggestions here?

In the meantime, you can check out Jonathan's video on this issue (if you wish) on Facebook here: (until perhaps even that one is removed.)

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Steve Cronin


Hey, how are you, my friend. Remember what I told you? Know your enemy...

Who is the enemy?

The enemy is the current establishment. They want full control to avoid having power taken away from them. The stuff that you promote challenges the establishment because clears the mind and makes people think better. Google is a tool of the establishment.