Skin... care?

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Wassaaa wassaaa!!!

So when I went to buy groceries, I went to buy some beauty products as well. I don't know, I just felt like it lol.

image0 4.jpg

I've been wanting to buy that clay mask cos it looks cool and I've heard it deep cleans the face, which I haven't done before really LOL. My face is so oily and there's so much sebum there probably as I don't take care of myself that much. I mean my face doesn't look bad, I'm still lucky I don't have those bad acne, but like I said before I wanted to have that habit of taking care of my skin as early as now cos I might regret it later if I don't.

I bought face wash and some body wash as well. I've mentioned before that I will be using those handmade soaps my friend sells cos they are really good but I also wanted to buy some body wash to use occasionally if I like lol so that's why.

The other stuff, I bought them for me to have a habit of taking care of my skin, aside from drinking a lot of water as well. I don't know, it makes me feel good if I know I have been taking better care for myself.

But you know what's funny is that even though I started using these masks, my sleep is still fucked up LOL. It's just hard to adjust especially when you are working on something and you think working at night is better for better concentration. :/

image0 5.jpg

See, I'm making a fool of myself for using "skin care" but sleeps at 6am. LOL. :P

But this mask tho is really gooood. Like damn it really took off some whiteheads all over my face that I didn't know exist!!! When I took it off it was just really a WTF moment cos I didn't know I had that much shit on my face. T_T

So yah. This week has been so busy.

I've been painting a lot and at the same time thinking about my plans for my studio. My dad bought a house and he's so nice to build a studio for me, just big enough for the things that I do now (paintings). So I've been planning the look of it and what to put in there. Researching too so I'll at least have some idea for a proper art studio cos I'm gonna use some chemicals and stuff.

image0 3.jpg

Anyway, this is what I do with the painting now. So many lines!!! It's challenging and therapeutic at the same time haha. I really don't know how I got this patience now but it's fun! :D

That's it for the ramble for todayyyyyy. Busy week ahead still!


Uuu you pampered yourself! I have oily skin too but there is a great advantage to this: less wrinkles. So I think we are actually lucky. I love a purifying mask once in a while.

Really? I didn’t know that 😂 I remember my mom saying I’m gonna get wrinkles early tho cos she said my face was dry so not sure if I have a combination or oily 🤔 it does feel dry at times which is weird.

Haha yah those masks too they are refreshing

Yup. This is the only reason why I can be ok with the oily skin. Wrinkle care is much more difficult than oily skin care. Probably you have combination skin if you have dryness.

Masks are awesome😍

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Hahahah plz sir no😭

AWWW! your dad is so nice! You must be super happy.
I think that is common to feel that way these days. Today I told to some friends that it's nice how they take cool pictures of themselves, while i'm walking around my house almost naked and honestly I think I need to give some love to myself. So, I'm feeling motivated lol, thanks :)
Your painting details look fantastic, I cannot wait to see the whole artwork.

Super nice and I’m so happy 😄 hahah yes it’s also important to love yourself by pampering your body. It sounds “vain-ish” but it’s not. Neglecting yourself is one of the worst things you can do tbh.

Thank you! I’m excited to show the finished one🤗

I feel exactly like you these days. I feel bad about myself and my skin. Many care products are left alone in the bathroom. But don't be unfair to yourself, you look great. and the studio your daddy will buy is great! a space that belongs to you. you will make art. what a great idea!

Hope you'll find the energy to not leave them in the bathroom anymore. You look great as well. 🤗 Yeah, it's so hard to paint when you have no proper space so I'm really happy for this one :D