Computer wizards, I need help with a Windows 10 install please!

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Good day again to all these people who know way more about computers than me and are generous enough to educate the ignorant,

I have a problem and don't know where to find the answers I seek:

I was given an old Acer that I need to put back into commission because it is one of the few Windows devices we have, and I need at least a Windows 8 device to support a vital application we need going forward in our operations.

It had Windows 7, so I chose to upgrade for Windows 10 because this tutorial was very easy to follow, and why not use the most updated OS if I can.

After MANY hours (which seemed excessive) of waiting for my computer to think through all the "checking for update" phases and whatnot, I finally got to the 1st reboot (of what I understand should be a total of 4 reboots in a Windows 10 upgrade).

And what joy and relief to finally arrive here!


This computer has both Windows 7 and Ubuntu loaded, and upon start up the user sees first the Acer logo, then is prompted to choose which OS to use.


I chose Windows 7, and was met with a solid black screen and a shrill, disheartening beep code that stops only when I push the power button.

So I tried all the options with the same horrible result (except when I chose memory test, which takes me to a blue screen with a bunch of info most of which I don't understand).

I assume the error comes because I want to reboot/access with Windows 10, but start up gives me only Windows 7 option so this command confuses the computer...but IDK.


This troubleshoot article is more advanced than my current skillset, but it suggests that I "ensure the source OS is stable. Also ensure the Windows setup source and the destination drive are accessible" IF it is indeed a downlevel error.

SO my questions are:

  1. IS this a downlevel error? If not, what is going on?
  2. If it IS a downlevel error, how do I "ensure the source OS is stable"?
  3. How do I "ensure the Windows setup source and the destination drive are accessible"?
  4. How do I access ANYTHING other than this start up menu of OS options and the awful beep with black screen?

Ultimately, how do I fix it??

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

✨💫💛💫✨ Sara!


I don't know how to help you, but in general I use Ubuntu, since I find Windows slow and unreliable compated to Ubuntu. Ubuntu demands more skills to operate tho, things I trained over many years. Google can help with a lot often... windows sucks.

I agree with that @lasseehlers, I am not a fan of Windows at all. I'm not very familiar with Ubuntu yet. Unfortunately in this situation I do need to use Windows to support the software I actually need for a vital aspect of our business.

Ubuntu is mostly text commands when installing and updating (open terminal with ctrl + alt + t), but using google you can find the text commands needed and just copy paste. Sometimes programs can be installed in GUI.

It takes some time to get used to, but Ubuntu is very stabile.

I have a similar situation where I need a windows to play a game with my son :) So I understand your situation.