Hi-Lo Game #320

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How to Play

You must make a comment guessing either Hi or Lo. One comment to an account.

How to Win (Provably Fair)

When the post is close to payout I will comment. The comment will have a txid, the number to match will be the first two digits of that txid. Lo is 0-49, Hi is 50-99. Everyone that comments will have to match either Hi or Lo. It can be determined by viewing the blockchain. For instance, the first txid is 15 and the second txid is 66. Depending on whether my comment has a txid of Hi or Lo would determine which commenter(s) would win.


What you Win

All commenter(s) whose comment match the winning selection will split equally the liquid Hive jackpot available for that post after the 7 day waiting period. The minimum jackpot is always .10 HIVE. Future increases of participants may increase the jackpot pool.


This is a gambling game meant for fun. When winning number is matched winning Hive member(s) will be paid within a day or two by transfer. No upvote is required to win. Following @lucky-elephant is not required to win, but it is recommended to see the new games.

I reserve the right to suspend any game for any reason before completion. Any problems with the blockchain or being able to read the blockchain to determine the winning number could result in a temporary suspension of the game.

Edited 4/19/22 to increase minimum jackpot from .025 HIVE to .05 HIVE.

Edited 8/29/22 to increase minimum jackpot from .05 HIVE to .10 HIVE.



This comment determines hi or lo. !hbits

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